Digital Certificates

Integrated Certification Authority for more convenience

Digital Signatures are based on digital certificates.

While some organizations operate their own PKI, or are required to use certificates issued by specific entities for regulatory reasons, other organizations need to find a digital certificate issuer (a.k.a. Certification Authority) in order to have an operational service. Morpho Digital Security and Authentication products and services can interface with most commercial Certification Authorities, however having a single source for trust services and associated digital certificates is an enabler for a rapid setup and long-term sustainability.

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Trust services and digital certificates one stop sourcing

For those of our customers who do not have an internal PKI or the regulatory requirement to source certificates issued by a specific entity, Morpho can provide a range of digital certificates for advanced electronic seals, advanced electronic signature and time stamp, allowing one stop sourcing for trust services and associated certificates.  

Digital Certificates
Digital Certificates

Digital Signature is used to demonstrate the authenticity, non-repudiation and integrity of electronic documents and has a legal value in many countries including the United States, India, Brazil and members of the European Union. It relies on Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) in order to manage Digital Certificates and public key encryption.

Morpho Digital Security and Authentication product and services are compatible with most PKIs operated by sovereign entities, commercial players or companies themselves. Morpho also offers its own Certification Authorities as a turn-key alternatives, in particular for its Managed Services/SaaS customers.

The following types of digital certificates can be managed, in the eIDAS wording (eIDAS: European Regulation EU no 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services):

  • Digital Certificates for advanced electronic seals, typically serving as an evidence that the electronic document was issued by a legal person, ensuring certainty of the document's origin and integrity,
  • Digital Certificates for advanced electronic signatures for a natural or a legal person,
  • Digital Certificates for electronic time stamps

Morpho Certification Authorities can manage permanent certificates, typically for electronic seals and electronic time stamps, and one time usage certificates, typically for online e-Contracting services (B2C).

Morpho's offer includes ETSI TS 102 042 certified CAs, which are part of the Adobe AATL program, enabling users to see the blue ribbon display on Adobe products which shows the signature as valid. Alternative CAs are also available when the issuance rules of the certified CAs are not applicable, for a maximum of flexibility.

Generated digital certificates can be used in many uses cases, including but not limited to electronic invoices (proof of origin, integrity, time stamping), e-contracting (integrity of the proposal, consent of the parties, proof files), digital vouchers (integrity, proof of origin, time stamping)...

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