Multichannel electronic contracting

Electronic contracting is a major strategic tool for strengthening customer relationships, accelerating business growth and improving efficiency.

It meets the high expectations of customers, who want to be able to purchase contracts anywhere at any time.

The widespread use of mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones) further fuels this demand.
Paperless contracting can be performed across any of the new customer relationship channels, whether online, mobile, roaming, in-store or remotely. 
Morpho provides innovative solutions to help you guarantee the security and legal value of electronic contracting processes while offering an optimized user experience, across any sales channel.

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Morpho gives probative value to electronic contracting across all sales channels

Morpho's solution enables you to make all contracting processes electronic, across any sales channel, while still benefiting from the same legal value as paper contracts. It lets users commit to a contract and guarantees the integrity of that commitment through a digital signature function. It also generates enforceable proof that can be used in the event of a dispute. 

Multichannel electronic contracting
Multichannel Online Contracting

Morpho supports all business sectors wanting to set up paperless contracting to help them take advantage of an entirely electronic process:

  • Banking and insurance: purchase of contracts (savings, loans, property and casualty insurance, life insurance) across all sales channels (mobile, in-branch, online, phone)
  • Industry: BtoB contracting, for example companies buying gas 
  • Public sector: for example, trademark registration for individuals 

Morpho makes electronic contracting possible across all sales channels:

  • Online: The customer purchases the contract online.
  • In a branch or store: The customer works with an advisor or salesperson to complete the contract.
  • Mobile/roaming: An advisor goes to the customer's home.
  • Telephone: The advisor prepares the contract while talking to the customer on the phone, then makes it available online.
  • Cross-channel, for example in a branch and online: One party works with an advisor in a branch to set up the contract, then completes it and signs it electronically to agree to the terms; the second party finalizes the contract online.

Morpho delivers the functions that guarantee the long-term integrity and legal value of contracts concluded entirely electronically. 

Digital signature to show commitment

Paperless contracting assumes that both parties (e.g. a company and its customer or prospect) can electronically commit to the terms of the agreement.
Digital signatures have made this possible. They prevent any malicious modification of the signed data (integrity) and authenticate the signer. They replace traditional handwritten signatures while offering the same legal guarantees.

Signature verification and proof generation, to preserve a record of the contracting process

Organizations and individuals that receive a signed contract must be able to confirm its authenticity. That is, they must be able to verify that the terms of the contract have not been changed and that the other contracting party did indeed agree to them (digital signature verification).

It is also essential to generate proof of the contracting process. This proof must contain all the transaction details (e.g. amounts, dates, references to contractual conditions). The correctness and integrity of the contract must be guaranteed for the duration of the commitment. It must also be possible to retrieve the proof, intact, in the event of a dispute between the organization and its customers, in some cases even decades after the contract was signed.


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