Biometrics & Banking

Morpho provides a broad range of multichannel biometric solutions to financial institutions

Morpho assists banks in ensuring security and building user trust in an ever more digital and mobile world through biometric identification and strong authentication platforms. From KYC to routine transactions, we provide robust identity management solutions and deliver trust, fighting fraud and identity theft.

We help financial institutions building a multichannel approach: Today's consumers expect information about transactions completed via one channel to be readily accessible via another, and to initiate a transaction in one channel and complete it in another. Whatever the channel, whatever the service required, whatever the biometric modality selected, Morpho proposes a full range of solutions and products to improve customer on-boarding experiences in a secure, simple and ergonomic way, thanks to biometrics.

Everyday biometrics to build a secure banking environment

Whether banks would like to use biometrics to improve their relationship with their customers, or to secure daily operations for accessing services, Morpho can provide state-of-the-art technology where security, reliability, accuracy and speed are the DNA of the solution to build a trusted environment thanks to biometrics.

Register Customers & Manage Identities

Morpho's products and solutions support organizations such as banks and financial institutions in verifying the identity of their customers. Thanks to biometrics, our customers are able to provide access to sensitive resources or services, prevent identity theft and fraud, and meet their regulatory requirements. Data capture can be undertaken in the branch or directly from a smartphone; later, when identity verification is for example needed to perform a transaction, the smartphone and the selected biometrics can be used to authenticate the customer.

Biometric as authentication factor

Through a biometric authentication platform, banks or others financial institutions can verift a customer's identity willing to access a service no matter which channel is being used. For service subscription, contract signature, authentication to withdraw money at an ATM or before payment, biometrics supports banks to enhance security, solve PIN management issues and to provide a secure and simplified user experience, regardless of the channel.

Access control and security of banks' premises

Morpho proposes a full range of products for physical and logical access to sensitive data or premises but also time attendance solutions for employees.

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