eBanking & Digital ID

Driven by strong consumer demand to access new services anywhere at any time, the banking industry is accelerating its digital transformation. The widespread use of mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones) further fuels this demand.

The migration from paper to electronic affects all customer relationship channels, whether online, mobile, in-branch or remote sales through phone. In addition to improving customer service, it allows banks to stimulate their growth by optimizing processes, mainly through eliminating paper and reducing both delivery time and costs. Morpho helps banks tackle the security and trust challenges inherent in digital transformation by enabling them to manage the entire digital identity chain.

Security and trust, pillars of the banking digital transformation

From provisioning digital identities to implementing trust services, Morpho provides all the functions necessary to help you successfully navigate the digital transformation of your customer relationships through all sales channels.  

Digital identity provisioning and management are the foundations on which digital banking is built and growing.

Our customers can rely on digital services that significantly provide increasing value by progressively enhancing the quality of these identities throughout the customer relationship (from "little known suspect" initiating contact through a website to "very well known customer" purchasing a major contract such as a life insurance contract). Technological innovations like biometrics and mobile devices further extend the range of potential services. Morpho helps develop online banking by providing state-of-the-art technologies for the entire digital chain, from registration of customers and their devices (e.g. mobile, tablet), graduated multi-factor authentication (e.g. biometrics, mobile, smartcard, SMS OTP), and secure transactions that rely on digital signatures and proof management, to a digital vault that guarantees the long-term integrity, confidentiality and legal value of contracts and proof.

Morpho's identification and trust services platform can be used to deploy countless applications, including tools for new customer acquisition (mobile-based KYC), sensitive operation approval (e.g. transfer orders, payments), secure multichannel cash management (SWIFTNet/FileAct, EBICS), authentication for online payments, electronic contracting through all sales channels (in-branch, mobile/roaming, online, remote via phone) for all types of financial products (loans, savings, life insurance), and secure personal spaces to protect personal and confidential customer documents (e.g contracts, invoices).

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