Insurance & eContracting

Today, more and more actors from the insurance sector offer fully digital contracting services to their clients, in order to optimize client acquisition processes, increase acceptance rates, improve customer service and  increase efficiency.

100 % electronic contract processes can be completed in all sales channels, and can even combine several sales channels: Insurance agent and the client meet together in the insurance agency branch; Traveling insurance agent goes to the client's residence to complete the contract; client purchases contracts fully on Internet….  

Insurance contracts often concern sensitive and fundamental issues, such as that relating to health, accidents, goods, and life insurance. The contract entered into between the insurance company and the client ought to be legally binding, for the entire duration of the engagement (up to several dozens of years). It is therefore necessary to implement high quality trust functions that resist the test of time.

From provisioning digital identities to implementing trust services, Morpho provides all the trust functions necessary to help you successfully navigate the digital transformation of your customer relationships over all sales channels.

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