Mobile & NFC

From payments at the point-of-sale to mobile digital IDs, Morpho helps to turn smartphones and tablets into a versatile omni-channel trusted device. In the store or online, via NFC, QR-code or mobile wallet, authenticating by facial recognition or card and PIN the optimal solution is at your fingertips.

Mobile phones are always on and always with you. As music and video players, digital camera, e-mail, text messaging and internet devices, they have become entertainment centers and play a vital part in our digital lifestyle. Every day the number of available apps is increasing and consumers are looking for new ways to use their smartphones. Turning your phone or tablet into a credit card, mobile bank branch or office requires the right level of security.

Whether SIM card-, Secure Element- or Cloud-based service, Morpho supports financial institutions to leverage the mobile channel and to create mobile offerings for their consumers that are highly secure, yet fast and convenient to use.

Discover how strong authentication on mobile devices can secure the access to your services

Facial recognition on mobile phones presents an elegant way to secure the access to online transactions and make it more convenient at the same time. Morpho's flexible strong authentication platform brings an intuitive and easy-to-use digital ID to the mobile world.