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Today there are more active mobile devices than people on the planet. These gadgets are impacting our lives like never before – adding digital convenience to our fast-paced lifestyles. Making in-store and online mobile payments can now be added to the list of growing conveniences.

Turning your smartphone or tablet into a credit card requires a perfect balance of speed, convenience and above all security. Strong authentication and tokenization are vital for safe and secure mobile payment solutions.

That's why Morpho brings you AIRPASS – a complete mobile payment solution backed by Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology that gives financial institutions the power to offer a proprietary mobile payment system you can trust. This fully customizable solution securely digitalizes your mobile payment services, giving customers an all-inclusive pass to the convenient world of mobile payment, both in-store and online.

Meeting the mobile payment needs of today’s connected generation

Now more than ever, consumers are eager to run their lives right from their smartphones – banking, grocery shopping, heating their homes, the list goes on and on. Not surprisingly, the demand for mobile payment is also on the rise. Mobile devices are a constant companion of today's connected generation, providing a practical, convenient and appealing means of payment. They are the perfect medium for digitalizing both cash and cards.

Morpho has helped to pioneer the mobile payment industry, understanding from the very beginning that convenience must be accompanied by trust. It's a straightforward concept: If you don't trust the service, you won't use it. We combine our expertise in identity, biometrics and card payment to deliver the utmost security to the payment world. It's convenience you can trust.


The Morpho AIRPASS delivers smartcard-security to your smartphone. It's a highly secure virtual bank wallet that allows you to add in-store and online payments to your growing list of smart device conveniences. It's convenience you can trust.

Key features

  • Complete mobile payment system for in-store and online payments
  • End-to-end solution backed by HCE and tokenization technology
  • Fully digital registration allows virtual bank cards to be issued instantly after KYC process, making e-payment immediately available both in-store and online
  • Certified by Visa and Mastercard for functionality, quality and security – the only solution on the market to hold this distinction
  • High level of security based on our unique AIRPASS crypto service – a whitebox encryption component offering a software-based alternative to securing sensitive data and mobile applications without a secure element

Accelerated go-to-market

By freeing banks from their dependence on mobile operators and device manufacturers, and by providing an end-to-end solution, AIRPASS allows you to deploy your mobile payment services fast. You won't need to rely on third parties. What's more, you'll be able to speak directly to your customers, improving both the customer journey and brand awareness.

Integrated loyalty capabilities

AIRPASS was built with customer loyalty in mind. Easily integrate your loyalty programs – coupons, promotional offers, etc. – to encourage customers to adopt your mobile payment system, improve customer awareness, and intensify and personalize customer relations.

Modular and flexible by design

Banks, retailers and credit card companies all have different requirements. The AIRPASS suite is designed to meet the specific requirements of all mobile payment players. Built on a modular platform that is highly flexible and customizable, the secure element can be software-based (HCE, SE in the Cloud), SIM-based or hybrid (SIM-based and SE in the Cloud). Depending on your needs, you're free to choose one or several components from the AIRPASS suite: Airpass Mobile App, Airpass Mobile Server, Airpass Tokenization, and Airpass Crypto.

In-store Payment

Your main concern is security – an essential mobile payment component that in the past was built on complex systems involving multiple actors. Mobile network operators or device manufacturers controlled the chip-based secure element needed to secure mobile payments, meaning financial institutions couldn't deploy mobile payment solutions on their own. Unlike the closed, secure environment of the traditional electronic payment chain connecting smart cards with payment terminals, the versatile mobile environment is by nature very vulnerable. It's myriad applications are not always easy to isolate. That's why mobile payment services have yet to really take off.

Leveraging the power of HCE

As mobile payment now takes center stage in the payment industry, banks risk losing significant visibility to independent services like Apple Pay, as customers tend to see added value in those services rather than those offered by their bank.

Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology takes away much of the complexity, allowing banks to regain control of the entire mobile payment process. Often referred to as cloud payment, HCE puts the secure element in the cloud so that your mobile device can act as a contactless payment card without an embedded physical secure element on the device. Consumer payment information is stored as a token in the cloud, only accessible by downloading limited use keys that ensure data protection. With our complete HCE suite, your financial institution can offer its own in-store mobile payment solution and meet consumer needs directly.

Tokenization and biometrics

The security of HCE is augmented by tokenization and authentication technology. Your primary account number (PAN) is replaced by a token, which is linked to the "virtual cards" in your mobile wallet. Only the token is transmitted to the merchant system through your mobile device, so your sensitive data remains securely stored at the bank. Tokens are meaningless to hackers, so your data stays safe. We also use a unique, sophisticated encryption and obfuscation (Link to Airpass Crypto Service page) to add smartcard-like security to the mobile payment process.

Biometric authentication can add another layer of security and convenience to in-store payments. Rather than entering your PIN code, you simply place a finger on your touchscreen to authorize payment. Facial recognition technology is also available for an even more robust solution.

Our AIRPASS mobile payment solution leverages HCE, tokenization and strong authentication technologies to ensure security and convenience for in-store mobile payment.

Online Payment

Many countries have moved to EMV chip technology to significantly curb counterfeit card fraud at the retail point of sale, forcing criminals to turn their attention to committing card-not-present (CNP) fraud online or via telephone. It is more difficult to authenticate CNP transactions. Credit card information is static – anyone with your card number, expiration dates and CVV can use it – and ecommerce transactions are online and not in person.

Morpho has several solutions to secure online card payments, such as 3D Secure and Dynamic CVV. For mobile payments, we offer AIRPASS MCVV – a mobile payment solution that generates dynamic single-use payment tokens to reduce online payment fraud and increase customer convenience and confidence.

This customizable mobile payment system complies with EMVCo token management policy and can be used in addition or to replace 3D Secure, without having an impact on merchants.

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