Card payments and personalization go hand in hand. Each card needs to be unique to each cardholder, both on the inside and the outside. Our comprehensive range of issuance solutions is highly flexible and adaptable, through extensive customization capability. From card initialization to full cardholder relationship management, Morpho proposes the centralized or remote personalization solutions that meet your needs: Small volumes are personalized on the spot of delivery, when high-volume issuers benefit from our all-inclusive centralized solution. With 13 personalization centers around the world, we handle the entire process on your behalf: from installing the operating system to writing data on the chip to personalized card artwork and even direct delivery to the cardholder.

FollowMyCard – Instant access to your card production


We live in a world where services are being sourced from locations all over the globe. To face the increasing complexity in product offering, the production processes are constantly being improved targeting costs reduction, time saving and quality increase. Customers expect to interact with their suppliers at any time, through a streamlined interface. You can have constant access to your card production and personalization status through our Follow My Card service, which allows real-time monitoring of the entire process.

Optimize your card issuing process by having a single point of access to the production status, in one or several sites. Manage your order follow-up with agility, getting the information in real-time through an online portal. Aggregate feedback from various sites and do not bother about time zones to get information. Increase the process efficiency by enabling automatic claim management and an electronic document management system.


BENEFITS of Follow my card

  • Improve information access
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize resources
  • Online interaction / Reporting / Electronic Document Management / Multi Access / Privacy

FollowMyCard is hosted by a Morpho data center, which is certified by Visa and MasterCard, incorporating the highest level of security. By securely connecting the FollowMyCard platform to the workflow system of one or several personalization centers, the issuer gets real-time access to the card production orders statuses. The issuer opens the web portal in his own environment, accessing his own customized interface and his – and only his – production data. Connection is done either via web services or flat files. With more than 100 active users and several hundreds of connections per month, the FollowMyCard platform is market proven and is trusted by major international financial institutions

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