Card payments and personalization go hand in hand. Each card needs to be unique to each cardholder, both on the inside and the outside. Our comprehensive range of issuance solutions is highly flexible and adaptable, through extensive customization capability. From card initialization to full cardholder relationship management, Morpho proposes the centralized or remote personalization solutions that meet your needs: Small volumes are personalized on the spot of delivery, when high-volume issuers benefit from our all-inclusive centralized solution. With 13 personalization centers around the world, we handle the entire process on your behalf: from installing the operating system to writing data on the chip to personalized card artwork and even direct delivery to the cardholder.

Instant ePIN – Banking services wherever and whenever you need


Today's customers expect to be able to carry out banking services wherever they want (be it on the subway or in the dentist's waiting room). Most banks have addressed this wish with m-banking services, though they mainly remain static. Tomorrow's customers will also want to interact with their bank and be provided with banking services in real time, whenever they want. They also want the bank to provide them with services in a convenient and sustainable manner. Meet your consumers' expectations by providing them with their PIN at their request – immediately, at the very instant they ask for it. Do not bother your customer with a postal mailer – enable an environmentally friendly solution by providing a paper-free service. Instantly provide their PIN via a multi-channel solution!


BENEFITS of Instant ePIN

  • Offer your cardholders the service they expect
  • Improve your card activation rate
  • Secure significant cost savings
  • Improve your card usage

PIN code reminder can easily be requested by the end-user and immediately delivered, securing your card‘s place at the top of the wallet.

Instant e PIN was developed to ease integration with the personalization bureau infrastructure. It can easily be deployed in a virtual environment and uses generic components to ensure smooth maintenance. The tool is built as a standalone platform optimized to speed up the onboarding of new customers. Resulting from a longtime partnership with security bodies, Instant e PIN is 100% compliant with PIN issuance rules applicable in the market (PCI-CP, VISA, MasterCard, GIECB).

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