Card payments and personalization go hand in hand. Each card needs to be unique to each cardholder, both on the inside and the outside. Our comprehensive range of issuance solutions is highly flexible and adaptable, through extensive customization capability. From card initialization to full cardholder relationship management, Morpho proposes the centralized or remote personalization solutions that meet your needs: Small volumes are personalized on the spot of delivery, when high-volume issuers benefit from our all-inclusive centralized solution. With 13 personalization centers around the world, we handle the entire process on your behalf: from installing the operating system to writing data on the chip to personalized card artwork and even direct delivery to the cardholder.

TAURUS Personalization Solutions Suite - PAYMENT CARD WHENEVER YOU NEED IT


In a world of services, banks need to improve their customer satisfaction and revenue but also to control their service cost. To help banks reach their goal, we have introduced TAURUS Personalization Solutions Suite, a range of services supporting different personalization models, always in a secure and trustable environment. TAURUS Instant Issuance is the perfect solution for an issuer who wants to add an extra value in the card distribution process.

Our highly flexible and adaptable remote personalization solution, Taurus Card Issuance, gives low and medium-volume issuers a competitive edge as cards can be personalized just about anywhere: go and deliver maximum convenience to cardholders and reinforce your business-consumer relationship! We can simply supply the system or offer a full-service operation, it's your choice.


BENEFITS of TAURUS Instant Issuance

  • Increase your market share growth and revenue development
  • Optimize your cost structure
  • Perfect solution for low volume production
  • Highly secure data transfer/management
  • All type of cards / cards technology supported
  • Biometric secure personalization and post-personalization capability

TAURUS Instant Issuance is the solution to give a payment mean to a new customer, securely, directly at the bank's branch or in a retail store. By using TAURUS Instant Issuance, banks will be able to reduce the main risk of losing customers and increase the card activation rate, and so their revenues. No need today to wait for a card, TAURUS Instant Issuance solution provides the bank the perfect answer to their customer comment "I want it now".

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