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Applications and solutions that fit and benefit YOUR business

As the online world continues to permeate all areas of our lives, from health to enterprise services, Morpho has evolved a portfolio of solutions that bring value to mobile operators, allowing them to deliver value to their customers in the mobile on-line world and the Internet of Things. Our portfolio is composed of the most innovative solutions that leverage MNO's key subscriber asset, the SIM card, in all its configurations.

Morpho aims to provide solutions that solve key MNO business problems, which enhance the value of their services to their customers and to ensure that their networks perform to their best. For example Morpho's mobile marketing solutions allow MNOs to sell more of their core products, minutes, messages and data, using innovative SIM based applications. These solutions enable MNOs to drive better engagement with their customers that in turn will drive loyalty and brand differentiation in this competitive market place.

Morpho delivers world class revenue generating solutions to the world's leading MNOs and has a proven track record in achieving the very best results for customers.

Also in our portfolio

Morpho markets a portfolio of SIM applications and solutions. Operators can use these off the shelf, we can adapt them to specially meet specific market needs, or we can develop something tailored to meet exact requirements. Talk to us to learn more about the flexibility of our approach.

Subscribers’ Solutions
  • PassProtect: Stores usernames and passwords in a PIN protected secure vault within the (U)SIM.
  • PIN Controlled Calling: A SIM application that requests a secret PIN to permit predefined types of calls such as international and roaming calls.
  • Mobile Chat & Instant Messaging: great for enabling legacy handsets, and boosting sms traffic.
  • Media Backup and Social Networking: secure back-up/ restore for handset content (contacts, files and media), and SIM address book, plus direct content sharing with friends and contacts synchronization with social media web sites (Facebook, twitter etc).


The Operators’ World
  • Mobile Marketing: Our (U)SIM based mobile marketing identifies what the subscriber is doing with their phone and displays an operatorsrelated products and services offer to the subscriber.
  • IMEI Tracker: typically used to detect handset change and notify device management solutions of a new IMEI associated with a (U)SIM.
  • Device Management: Manual or automatic device detection and configuration, resolving handset configuration settings, and optimising customer service interactions.
  • OTA Management: Hosted, or in-house OTA platforms (Morpho SIMperia), or ad-hoc campaigns to remotely and securely update the content on the (U)SIM. Typically used for quarterly PLMN roaming partner list updates, or downloading new applications.
  • Multi-IMSI: A solution enabling the flexibility to switch between different subscriptions, including those hosted by other operators.
  • Dynamic SIM Toolkit: A customizable dynamic solution that allows creation, addition, removal and change of service menus enabling access to 3rd party content based on customer's interest and usage.
  • Roaming Solutions: A suite of solutions to ensure roaming network steering partner optimization for the operator.
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