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As the global leader in biometrics for 40 years, we now offer our experience, gained in many successful government deployments around the world, to the telecom sector. Our biometric expertise and patents are now integrated into mobile devices, and commercially deployed by telecom operators and service providers globally. Morpho's biometric capability delivers simplicity to the end user, and security for all involved in the mobile sector.

Our ambition is to bring more convenience and enhance security for all of us. By using biometrics, we can remove the need to remember usernames and passwords. Strong and reliable biometric identity enables all of us to securely access our data, services and devices, without the need for passwords, tokens, or PINs. Today, the selfie-check uses Morpho's facial recognition technology featuring liveness detection, re-engineered as a mobile device SDK; soon, we will extend this to fingerprint and iris capability.

Our biometric solutions can be deployed in configurations to exactly meet the needs of MNOs, OEMs, ODMs and Service Providers.

  • In stand-alone mode, biometric authentication (with optional FIDO certification) or identification is undertaken locally on the device, allowing access only to permitted  users, and strongly protecting privacy.
  • When integrated into a comprehensive system, biometric data captured on the mobile device is compared against data held in a back end server, which can then be used to authenticate or identify users.

From one extreme to another: our world leading biometrics expertise has been deployed in the world's largest biometric project, Aadhaar, and now our engineers are integrating biometric capability into the smallest of secure elements, and trusted execution environments (TEE) for the telecom industry.

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Biometric SDKs for mobile devices

How convenient and secure is access to online services via selfies?

We deliver universal biometric SDK solutions for integration into Android and iOS devices, under license (payable at installation or activation).

  • SDK available now for evaluation: email us to request more information
  • Comprehensive documentation and technical support desk available during integration
  • Access to the latest capability via maintenance releases

Selfie-check SDK: facial recognition

Today, the selfie-check uses Morpho's facial recognition technology featuring liveness detection, re-engineered as a mobile device SDK.

Morpho's high-performance selfie-check SDK for mobile devices delivers,

  • Advanced liveness detection -  to significantly reduce the risk of hacking and fraud
  • FIDO certified options – delivering interoperability and specific privacy requirements
  • Pure software – optimized to work on any smartphone, with no special hardware requirements
  • Passive - no extra illumination required

Fingerprint-check SDK

Fingerprint technology is the most well established and researched of all biometric capabilities, and is at the heart of our biometric engineering. At Morpho we have been working in this field for over 40 years, and we now bring this deep understanding and  involvement in global projects to the mobile device sector.

Using the integrated rear-facing camera and standard LED flash on the smartphone, we capture the fingerprints of four fingers. Our fingerprint-check SDK is device OS agnostic, available for both Android and iOS.

Verification against local data is typically achieved in less than 2 seconds on high end smartphones. Alternatively, secure verification against a back end server can be undertaken, in combination with other biometric data as required.

Iris-check SDK

Iris recognition is the most accurate and stable biometric technology as well as a very robust, seamless and hygienic means of authentication. Morpho has partnered with FotoNation Ltd to provide BioNetra – the best iris technology for mobile devices – to original device manufacturers and original design manufacturers. The solution, which is certified by the Indian government organization STQC, enables a very quick processing of under 500ms and is easy to deploy.

BioNetra is now available in India. Morpho plans to make it available to additional markets in the coming months.

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