Customer registration & mobile ID

Telecom regulations around the world continue to change and, increasingly, mobile network operators need to be able to determine who their customers are when they buy a new SIM card, or when extra functionality is added to the account or device.

With more and more activity moving online, the number of usernames and passwords we have proliferates, and we need to use smart solutions to balance security with ease of use.

As a world leader in biometric and identity solutions, Morpho delivers biometric customer verification and registration solutions as well as mobile ID solutions that address these new and evolving regulatory and market needs, delivering secure and simple solutions for customers and making our lives safer and easier.

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Customer registration & mobile ID

Our customer registration and mobile ID solutions address telecom market needs and deliver secure and simple customer experiences.

Customer Registration

Our customer registration solutions enable mobile network operators to verify the identity of customers. Our solutions can be deployed flexibly to meet local market and regulatory requirements; in some implementations biometric technologies are used to verify the customer's identity using fingerprint or  face recognition (selfies) and compare them to a national biometric ID database or ID document, for example.

In India, we have successful deployments of eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) registration solutions, where we use Morpho's biometric capabilities to verify the customer against the national Aadhaar database (the world's largest biometric database). On successful ID verification, the Morpho solution captures the data required by the regulator to complete the registration process. This solution can also be used to verify the identity of the retail staff and their authority to register customers with that equipment in that location, and to personalize the customer's SIM card.

Mobile ID & Mobile Connect

Mobile ID solutions enable simple and secure access to online services and enable the end user to control the information which is pre-filled and passed to websites of their choice.

Morpho Mobile Connect, a standardized GSMA mobile ID solution, enables simple, secure and password-free authentication as well as the smart integration of biometrics in keeping with the context and value of the transaction. Morpho Mobile Connect can also be implemented with built-in liveness detection and FIDO certification. Together these capabilities deliver strong security to high-value online transactions, with no need to remember extra passwords, and the simple customer experience of a selfie.

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