Internet of Things

Electronic equipment increasingly has the ability to communicate with each other, and new requirements are driving innovation and development. Very small modems are now to be found in many smart devices and connected objects: domestic appliances, industrial equipment and remote monitoring solutions. At Morpho, we have developed MorphoFlex™, a complete suite of products and solutions to enhance, simplify, secure and manage the connectivity and lifecycle of connected M2M and consumer devices.

We provide secure elements in all form factors and supporting all implementation solutions: from classical SIM cards to WLCSP, MFF2 (VQFN8), and in eSIM and traditional implementations. Our modular remote SIM provisioning solution, MorphoFlex™, supports M2M and consumer  device implementations, and the latest GSMA standards. Our portfolio includes a range specific IoT applications.


MorphoFlex™: Remote SIM Provisioning

Traditionally, SIM cards are securely personalized in the factory with MNO data. Now this process is changing for IoT and consumer devices. Morpho has worked with the GSMA, ETSI and the rest of the industry to develop a standardized interoperable solution enabling the remote secure OTA and OTI change of the subscription and profile details within the eSIM out in the field.

Initially, this standardization work has been focused on a solution targeted at the M2M market to overcome specific issues arising from the use of eSIMs. Today, the majority of device makers integrate the SIM as a component during manufacturing, leaving no access to it after production. Solution providers must contract with MNOs before the device has reached the market, but it is hard to know at this stage which operator to use. Balancing changing forecasts with a huge array of countries and mobile tariffs obliges device manufacturers to build different device variants for different geographic markets.

To optimize mobile network (cellular) connectivity, independently from the device or location, Morpho's remote SIM provisioning solution, MorphoFlex™, manages MNO secure credentials on the eSIM. The solution manages both the initial activation on the mobile network and subsequent changes in connectivity provider. MorphoFlex™ ensures that all connected devices can remain generic throughout the supply chain, until they reach end-user, and is available right now for operators and service providers who want to commercially deploy or pilot the technology.

Morpho has been working on technical solutions for the secure OTA and OTI change of operator and profile for some years now: we demonstrated our GSMA Proof of Concept solution at Cartes 2012 in Paris and GSM MWC 2013 in Barcelona. At GSM MWC 2016, in addition to our M2M commercial solution, we demonstrated a consumer remote SIM provisioning solution with integrated eKYC biometric customer enrolment. Our deep involvement with the GSMA remote SIM provisioning project has continued beyond the initial M2M phase, and we continue to be proactive in the GSMA specifying a solution for consumer devices. This activity ensures that our development of remote SIM provisioning for consumer devices is in-line with the new evolving standards, and available for pilots now.

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