Secure Elements

Secure elements: all form factors, from classical SIM cards to MFF2 (VQFN8), WLSCP , as well as eSE and TEE, and technologies including CDMA, LTE, LTE Ultra (Release 12), LPWAN and 5G, NFC and PKI plus tools, packaging and fulfillment. Our NFC solutions for secure mobile transactions include  mobile wallet and payments,biometric payment, PoS, and TSM.

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Near Field Communication (NFC) continues to grow around the world, with 545 million NFC capable handsets shipped in 2015, giving a total installed base of 700 million NFC capable handsets….

We are your trusted partner for the crucial parts of the NFC ecosystem: in addition to the NFC telecoms card described here, we also provide NFC bank cards, NFC payment applications for Secure Elements and Trusted Service Management solutions.

The SIM card is the main secure element for NFC use cases, and Morpho can support you with NFC SIM cards and software related services. It is so easy! The Morpho SIMply NFC-Evolution product ensures that all existing and future NFC services can be addressed,

  • EMVCo and Global Platform certified products
  • Enables secure storage of identity credentials
  • Securely protects all sensitive banking data and associated applications
  • Manages access credentials that can be securely addressed Over-the-Air
  • Stores all discount coupons and enables management of loyalty data & associated applications
  • Enables fast, secure and seamless interaction with NFC transport and access infrastructure
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