Secure Elements

Secure elements: all form factors, from classical SIM cards to MFF2 (VQFN8), WLSCP , as well as eSE and TEE, and technologies including CDMA, LTE, LTE Ultra (Release 12), LPWAN and 5G, NFC and PKI plus tools, packaging and fulfillment. Our NFC solutions for secure mobile transactions include  mobile wallet and payments,biometric payment, PoS, and TSM.

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Packaging creates the first impression your customers have of a product. It is a promise of quality and experience and the perfect instrument to convey your message and position yourself in the market.

Morpho offers you a wide range of attractive packaging options. Booklets, brochures and other marketing collateral can be integrated. Small light weight options are available to help with distribution costs where weight is a factor, and recycled cardboard and paper for those with environmental targets. In addition to our standard portfolio, our customized packaging concepts and innovative ideas will also catch your eye – and your customer's.

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