A cutting-edge range of gaming terminals

With over 20 years of experience in Point of Sale terminals and gaming technologies, we offer an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and betting terminals.

Furthermore, our terminals are manufactured in our own factory unit to:

  • guarantee a better control over costs and quality
  • ensure more flexibility and reactivity as regards volumes and lead times
  • better meet each customer's requirements
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CIM Gaming Terminal

CIM Gaming Terminal (Customer Interactive Module) is a player-oriented gaming terminal offering a wide range of functionalities from enhanced ticket checker features to small kiosk services. 

CIM Gaming Terminal
Morpho CIM

A multi-purpose device
CIM Gaming Terminal (Customer Interactive Module) offers the customer a varied set of innovative and user-friendly interfaces when combined with a countertop terminal facing the customer in the retailer area. When located in a customer area, CIM Gaming Terminal can be used as an enhanced ticket checker or as a small kiosk.


In a customer area
Players will appreciate CIM Gaming Terminal's functionalities to easily check themselves if their instant and online tickets are the winning ones. CIM Gaming Terminal also offers interactive services such as player account management and prize claiming options, as well as a variety of multi-purpose in-store entertainment games. Last but not least, customers will also be able to prepare their numbers/draw selection before going to the clerk. Lottery and Betting organizations will appreciate its extended functionalities, such as the display of game instructions, draw results, sport betting odds, etc. Marketing display is also a valuable additional business driver.


In a retailer area
When combined with an online terminal and located in front of the customer at the countertop area, CIM Gaming Terminal offers in an all-in-one device, all the interfaces needed by a player to easily interact during the betting process. An enhanced, modern and trusting relationship with customers is being established.

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