A cutting-edge range of gaming terminals

With over 20 years of experience in Point of Sale terminals and gaming technologies, we offer an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and betting terminals.

Furthermore, our terminals are manufactured in our own factory unit to:

  • guarantee a better control over costs and quality
  • ensure more flexibility and reactivity as regards volumes and lead times
  • better meet each customer's requirements
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ELITE Gaming Terminal

The best –in-class gaming terminal offering high efficiency for retailers and flexibility for marketing departments in designing innovative play slips

ELITE Gaming Terminal
Morpho ELITE

ELITE Gaming Terminal is our latest state of the art gaming terminal which offers to the:

  • Retailers: speed and ease for processing betting slips
  • Marketing Departments: new opportunities for designing innovative betting slips
  • Lottery/gaming organizations: a low total cost of ownership
  • Players: an innovative Customer Interface Module for a new interactive experience to strengthen the relationship between lotteries and its customers.


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