A cutting-edge range of gaming terminals

With over 20 years of experience in Point of Sale terminals and gaming technologies, we offer an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and betting terminals.

Furthermore, our terminals are manufactured in our own factory unit to:

  • guarantee a better control over costs and quality
  • ensure more flexibility and reactivity as regards volumes and lead times
  • better meet each customer's requirements
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S18 Gaming Terminal

The S18 Gaming Terminal is an all-round, powerful and modular gaming kiosk that contains the major existing means of payment.

S18 Gaming Terminal


S18 Gaming Terminal provides the user with easy access to the largest possible number of games close to points of sale. 

The Intel® Pentium™ processor powers the S18 Gaming Terminal, enabling it to handle several operations simultaneously in multiple task mode.

The S18 Gaming Terminal combines the advantages of a scalable PC platform with a dedicated design: the numerous connection possibilities offer Lotteries a terminal that is the best suited to their current applications, while guaranteeing the possibility of future upgrades. In addition, the S18 Gaming Terminal is compatible with a large range of operating systems, from Linux to Windows®XP, and QNX and interfaces adapted to Lottery needs.

The S18 Gaming Terminal is designed to be easily customised by lotteries. With its colour touchscreen and clear and accessible interfaces, it is geared toward players, and as a result conveys a dynamic image for Lotteries. Lastly, as a self-service terminal, the S18 Gaming Terminal accepts the major means of payment—from coins to banknotes to credit cards.

Smart card and magnetic stripe card readers provide the terminal with an advanced level of security control. They also allow Lotteries to offer players loyalty programs. Various procedures ensure the terminal's physical integrity and its data security.

The S18 Gaming Terminal is built using highly resistant materials and top-of-the-line components. It is tested against shock and equipped with temperature sensors, a secured start-up mechanism and an emergency download, all making it a highly reliable terminal.

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