A cutting-edge range of gaming terminals

With over 20 years of experience in Point of Sale terminals and gaming technologies, we offer an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and betting terminals.

Furthermore, our terminals are manufactured in our own factory unit to:

  • guarantee a better control over costs and quality
  • ensure more flexibility and reactivity as regards volumes and lead times
  • better meet each customer's requirements
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S4 Gaming Terminal

S4 Gaming Terminal is the ultra-compact lottery terminal managing online games and instant tickets for low-volume Points of Sale.

S4 Gaming Terminal
Morpho S4

Small and complete
The S4 Gaming Terminal offers all the features required to manage online games and instant tickets in an all-in-one ultra-compact device:

  • a user-friendly touchscreen,
  • a lottery printer,
  • a 2D barcode reader,
  • a contactless card reader, and
  • a Customer/Marketing display interface.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
A low TCO is being achieved thanks to a low initial purchase price, a high reliability reducing maintenance costs, possible wireless communications to connect to the central system and finally, by removing the need for consumables such as play slips.

The multi-lane gaming device
The S4 Gaming Terminal can also be used to bring online games to the check-out lanes of convenience/grocery stores, providing a new service to regular and occasional players, and attracting new ones. In this configuration, S4 gaming terminals are located at each check-out lane and operated by the cashiers. The proposed system has been designed to reduce development efforts for the lottery and to minimize technical impact on the existing retailer infrastructure. by the cash register to guarantee the secure printing of lottery receipts.

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