A cutting-edge range of gaming terminals

With over 20 years of experience in Point of Sale terminals and gaming technologies, we offer an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and betting terminals.

Furthermore, our terminals are manufactured in our own factory unit to:

  • guarantee a better control over costs and quality
  • ensure more flexibility and reactivity as regards volumes and lead times
  • better meet each customer's requirements
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S8 Gaming Terminal

S8 Gaming Terminal is a powerful, modular and user-friendly online terminal with open architecture and multimedia features.

S8 Gaming Terminal

Morpho S8

Powered by a fanless dual-core processor, the S8 Gaming Terminal is a powerful, modular and user-friendly online terminal with open architecture and multimedia features. S8 Gaming Terminal is a high-performance, multifunctional terminal. For instance, it is able to manage up to three independent displays —two with full-screen video— while scanning a play slip and printing a receipt.

The S8 Gaming Terminal combines the advantages of a standard, scalable PC platform, easy to connect to and making it particularly well suited to current and future lottery applications. Additionally, the S8 Gaming Terminal comes with a large range of operating systems, from Linux to Microsoft Windows, as well as various interfaces that fit lottery requirements, existing native C-language interfaces, and Java or C# platforms.

With its modular design, the S8 Gaming Terminal can be adjusted to meet each lottery's exact needs. Its modularity also facilitates field maintenance.

The large color touchscreen offers the retailer a pleasant and efficient user interface. In addition, the printer has an easy paper loading feature.

The S8 Gaming Terminal is built using highly resistant materials. It is designed for harsh environments and is tested for shock. It is equipped with protected cables, temperature and intrusion sensors and operates without a fan, which all make it a highly reliable terminal.

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