Morpho in Albania

Morpho, as a specialist in the protection of the identity of citizens, provides identity management services to Albania.


Safran Identity & Security is implanted since 2008 in Albania, in Tirana to manage the entire production process (enrollment, personalization, issuance and distribution) of high-security biometric identity cards and passports. Over 2.6 million e-Passports and 3.2 million e-ID cards have already been produced.
Biometric Passport

For servicing the Albanian Government, Morpho has created the company Aleat, a joint venture together with the Albanian-American Enterprise Fund. Thanks to Morpho and its local partner, Albania's citizens now have access to modern, secure ID documents. The new ePassport issued by Aleat has been a milestone for Albania for being granted the Schengen Visa waiver program in the end of 2010. Traveling freely in Europe is opening Albania. Aleat has already produced and distributed 3.4 million biometric ID cards and 2.8 million passports.

The contract also includes the issuance of Qualified Signature Certificates and the provision of the Secure Identity Services platform eAleat, based on Morpho's Trusted Services Platform. These Services enable the access to e-Services based on the National ID card for all Albanian Citizens. This new step is part of the government's "Digital Albania" initiative, which is aimed at improving delivery of public and private online services.
The launch of a national range of e-Services is likely to lead to a change in society. The new online services will be open for both public and private uses. Morpho has operated with Aleat and its 300 Employees in Albania since 2008.

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