Morpho in the Czech Republic

Founded in 1995 Morpho Czech s.r.o. is a global player in smart card and personalization solutions, supporting as well biometric solutions and IT development solutions for secure transactions.


Located in the middle of Europe in Ostrava, Czech, more than 200 highly-skilled employees provide a comprehensive product and service portfolio incl. manufacturing and personalization, fulfillment and packaging services for banking cards, and others such as healthcare, insurance or transport cards. Having supplied millions of cards during the past decade, Morpho Czech s.r.o. is one out of four global manufacturing centers and one out of nine global personalization centers of Morpho.

Thanks to its experienced staff, the company guarantees long-term product continuity according to latest global specifications, high flexibility and a fast reaction time. We serve in the European Union: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia.

In order to deliver the best quality to its customers, Morpho Czech established a special development center for card bodies, headed by an own development team focusing among other things on efficient personalization solutions and the digitalization of processes. With this expertise Morpho Czech already realized special innovation projects in cards and wearables such as wristband Style2Pay, Corn Card, 3D card, Colored Core Card as well as special biometric projects for financial institutions.

Housed in a two-floor building with a total size of 4.000 m², Morpho Czech's production site is split in two high-security areas, dedicated to secure card body manufacturing and secure card personalization. All premises are equipped with a high-security system according to VISA, MasterCard and GCB requirements.
The card quality management of Morpho Czech s.r.o. is based on ISO 9001:2008 and MasterCard, Card Quality Management (CQM), guaranteeing clearly defined responsibilities and procedures to achieve the required quality level of the final products and services. All materials utilized for card manufacturing are tested according to the relevant ISO specifications through an extensive pre-production qualification process. Morpho Czech s.r.o. cards production is based on a layer constructed card body made of laminated PVC foils, ensuring a high quality print on stable and highly durable material, which is also completely recyclable. The physical properties of all card products fully comply with ISO 7810 and ISO 7816 physical requirements as well as with all MasterCard CQM and VISA card body program specifications.

Card Manufacturing

  • Artwork and design creation for cards to be produced by Morpho Cards Czech
  • Pre-press Services
  • Pre-production Services
  • Offset and Silkscreen Printing
  • Packing, Wrapping
  • Stock Management
  • Distribution

Banking Card manufacturing

  • VISA Magstripe, Contact or Dual Interface
  • MasterCard Magstripe, Contact or Dual Interface
  • GCB Magstripe, Contact or Dual Interface
  • Banking Card features:    
    • Gold, Silver, Pearlescent
    • Laser and Non-laser
    • VISA and MasterCard Premium Logo
    • VISA and MasterCard Colored edges
    • VISA and MasterCard 3D cards
    • VISA and MasterCard selective varnish
    • VISA and MasterCard colored and printed magnetic stripe

Card Personalization services

  • Card personalization (mag stripe, chip, embossing, indent, laser, thermal transfer)
  • Direct mailing
  • PIN mailing
  • PIN SMS mailing
  • PDF mailing
  • Packing and distribution
  • Certificate MasterCard No 1500212 – ICA No 1002507, compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Card Production Physical security requirements and PCI Card Production Logical security requirements by MasterCard Worldwide, New York, USA.
  • Certificate VISA, substantial compliance with VISA Requirements for manufacture and personalise VISA products by VISA Europe London, UK
  • Security CB letter No.: 00141, compliance with System Certification for Card Body Manufacturing System, based on the requirements stated by the „Manuel de sécurité des sites de production des cartes bancaires "CB", v1.0 Specification(s)" by Paycert Paris, France.
  • Security CB letter No.: 00152. CER_CLE_SIS_2014-022 v1.0 - MORPHO Ostrava embedding security certification by Paycert Paris, France.
  • Certificate FIPS 140-2, No: 739, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules according to Nationale Institute of Standards and Technology Unites States FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module Validation Autority
  • Certificate CQS No.: CQS 113/2015, conformity with requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004 by CQS – Czech Association for Quality Certification, Praha.

Morpho Cards Czech s.r.o.
Jelínkova 1174/3
721 00 Ostrava-Svinov, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 595 691 511

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