Morpho in India

Morpho in India offers products and solutions for local protection as well as nation-wide security systems.

Aadhaar milestone


This includes biometric identification systems for police forces and civil agencies (in particular AFIS – Automated Fingerprint Identification System), identification documents (national ID cards, driver licenses, e-passports, e-visas), smart cards (SIM, bank cards, IDs), healthcare, betting and gaming terminals, biometric terminals, road safety systems and equipment and automated border control solutions.

Furthermore, Morpho makes people's lives easier in India with identification solutions. Over 30,000 biometric terminals have been installed in India for rural banking applications and national social programs such as RSBY (health insurance coverage for families below poverty line) and NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). Morpho in India also participated in the MNIC (Multipurpose National Identity Card) project as a technology provider.

Morpho is one of the companies chosen to take part in an unprecedented program called Aadhaar to count everyone residing in India and then assign each person a unique identification number. Morpho is in charge of all technological aspects of Aadhaar.

With its subsidiaries Syscom Corporation and Smart Chip Limited, Morpho is a market leader in India in digital solutions for telecom, payment, transport and enterprises. Syscom's telecom business has consistently outperformed the market and increased its market share year on year. One of every three Indians is able to communicate, in part because of Syscom's solution. Syscom was certified as the first and to date only payment card manufacturer in India for the manufacturing and personalization of chip cards for RuPay, the Indian payment card network by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Smart Chip's Transport / Road Safety Business Unit won a 10 year contract with the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Smart Chip Limited's registration business has shown an impressive turnaround in the Aadhaar registration phasis.

Smart Chip and Syscom (SCL) are subsidiaries of Morpho based in India.

Smart Chip and Syscom are the industry leaders in the verticals of civil identity, public security and biometric solutions in India. The key verticals where they lend their expertise are spread across six functions:

- Telecom
- Research & Development
- Banking
- Integration & Services
- Health & ID
- Transport
- Defense

With a state-of-the-art production facility in Noida, Smart Chip and Syscom are leading the race in the digital space for security and biometric solutions by implementing world-class technology in the fast-growing and evolving Indian market.


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