Morpho in the Netherlands


Morpho has operated in the Netherlands since 1994. At its secure site in Haarlem, with a production and development center and sales office, the personalization department delivers services for several millions of biometric passports, national ID cards, driver licenses, smart cards for photo IDs as well payment and other cards, and other PKI-based solutions every year. Customers are governments, financial institutions, retailing and public transport organizations. Key projects include identity documents (passports and ID cards) for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, vehicle registration cards, driver licenses and identity documents (passport and ID cards) for several countries such as Finland, Sweden, Slovakia and many more.

Morpho B.V.
Oudeweg 32 Postbus 5300 2000 GH - Haarlem
+31 23 799 51 11
+31 23 799 51 80

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