Morpho in Russia


Major Russian mobile network operators in Russia and its neighboring countries trust in solutions for digital ID from Morpho. The company's portfolio includes all components involved in Secure Element lifecycle management and beyond. It covers the platforms and solutions used to manage secure customer enrollment, authentication and identification of customers or connected devices on a mobile network: NFC, LTE, OTA, mobile identity, TSM and subscription management and M2M (in which Morpho is the market leader in Russia).

For financial institutions, Morpho offers a complete portfolio, including payment cards and services (for contactless cards/NFC as well), biometric products for banking applications, Trusted Service Management and personalization at a state-of-the-art center in Moscow.

Morpho has been supplying digital Tachograph smart cards for the area of transportation and road safety in Russia since 2010. Since 2006, Morpho has been producing driving license chip cards for CIS.


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