Digital Archiving and Traceability

Digital archiving and traceability solutions for legally binding data - As more transactions and procedures occur online, governments, organizations, and companies need to make sure their digital documents remain intact and legally binding. Morpho, the leading developer of security and digital trust software, provides digital archiving solutions that guarantee the authenticity and traceability of documents.

Advanced archiving for legally binding data

Data archiving solution

In order to remain admissible in a legal context, digital documents must stay secure and intact over the short, medium, and long terms. Morpho develops innovative digital archiving solutions to preserve documents of every kind, including insurance and real estate contracts, SEPA mandates, trademarks and patents, notarial deeds, and accounting documents.
The Morpho Secure Storage Server combines strong authentication, advanced data encryption, digital signature, and complete traceability to safeguard sensitive data within a digital vault. We also regularly update our encryption algorithms to ensure data remains legally binding over the entire life cycle


Key features of the digital vault

Powered by the Morpho Secure Storage Server, Morpho's digital vault solution ensures the authenticity of data through the following features: 

  • Long-term storage and preservation of archived documents
  • Delivery of certified copies of intact documents from the archives
  • Access control for archived documents
  • Archiving for legal purposes and proof of data authenticity
  • Traceability of all actions performed on documents to prove that documents remain unchanged over time


Providing full traceability for archived data

Traceability means keeping an exhaustive record of all actions performed on digital documents. While it enables data to comply with regulatory requirements and remain legally admissible, reliable traceability can also improve efficiency and fight against fraud.  
The Morpho Secure Storage Server offers a full data traceability solution to record every event occurring throughout the document life cycle. Available for all types of files, including audio, video, and text, our traceability solutions deliver indisputable proof of data integrity

Flexible, scalable, and certified solutions
Our digital archiving and traceability solutions use standard and open protocols to ensure interoperability with many different IT systems. They are also fully scalable and upgradeable, enabling users to store any amount of data. 
Not only does the Morpho Secure Storage Server hold the FNTC-CFE label for digital vaults, it is also the first digital archiving system to obtain CSPN certification from the FNISA.  


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