Forgery-Proofing Documents

Protecting official ID documents against forgery - As the global leader in biometric identity technologies, Morpho has proven experience in delivering secure ID documents of every type. Through its extensive R&D efforts, it continues to innovate robust security measures designed to protect these documents against forgery. By reducing ID fraud and theft, this technology helps governments improve public services and cut administrative costs.

Creating forgery-proof photos


Based on research conducted in partnership with governments and law enforcement, Morpho has developed innovative methods to prevent ID photo forgery: the Stereo Laser Image as secondary 3D image generated with special software from a single photo and the 3D Photo ID as primary 3D image captured with a special stereo-camera. These techniques that cannot be copied or altered are developed by Morpho to ensure maximum security against fraud and identity theft.


Earning confidence in Slovakia

Morpho is currently the sole supplier of all official identity documents in Slovakia, including driver's licenses, passports, vehicle registration cards, residence permits, police ID and eID cards.

Featuring our advanced security features such as our special inks and laser engraving techniques, these documents comply with all European standards and provide enhanced protection against document fraud.

Slovakia's continued trust stands as a testament to Morpho's expertise in creating forgery-proof documents. Rudolf Hlavaty from the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic applauded the "shared understanding of technical requirements and evolutions, which is helping us work together more effectively and provide better quality of products and services."

Durable cards for every purpose

Morpho offers a complete array of identity documents made from special materials and card structures adapted to a range of uses and lifetimes.

For example, our PVC cards last 3 years, perfect for bank and healthcare cards; while our driver's licenses and ID cards work best with our PET or Polycarbonate cards, lasting up to 7 and 10 years respectively.

A complete range of security features

Security Feature.jpg

We continually develop new card security techniques to meet the growing demand by government agencies and organizations for greater security for all types of identity documents.


In addition to the multi-biometric authentication permitted by our IDeal CitizTM card, we also employ a full set of secure printing techniques integrating anti-copy pattern, as well as additional security features like ghost photos, holograms, and security chips.

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