Government ID solutions to facilitate and secure identity management

Governments today must do more than simply issue secure and reliable ID documents. They must be able to effectively manage and secure the entire value chain from registration and verification, to issuing and managing an identity.

Whatever form it takes – online or an ID document – it enables citizens to  access services and exercise their rights securely and easily.

Morpho is the preferred partner in helping governments manage the civil identity cycle in the increasingly mobile and globalized world of the 21st century.

From initial registration and verification of citizens' identities, to issuing personalized IDs that resist fraud, to managing those identities securely both in the physical and digital world, Morpho is the only provider in the world who can help governments in their key mission from start to finish.

We draw on its expertise in biometrics and ID management solutions to create strong identity proofs and get them into the hands of citizens, whether it's in the form of traditional ID documents or digital e-IDs. Our experience with digital technologies and large-scale ID programs means we have the know-how to ensure citizens can use their IDs to guarantee their rights as citizens and access different services, including online.

By year-end 2014, Morpho had issued 2.8 billion ID documents worldwide. Indeed, we supply more than 50 governments across the globe with a wide range of modular and flexible secure ID solutions, from population, voter or driver registration and identity management systems to secure ID cards, driver's licenses, passports and visas, as well as identity usage solutions.

  • 3 billion
    ID documents delivered
  • 60+
    government programs
    served worldwide
  • N°1
    in drivers licences

AADHAAR: Managing the IDs of millions

Morpho is a key technology supplier in the largest biometric enrollment system of all time, India's AADHAAR Unique Identification program.

Its ultimate aim is to provide India's 1.2 billion citizens with an acknowledged identity, allowing them to access a host of services related to everything from education and healthcare to telecommunications, insurance and loans.

The AADHAAR project is groundbreaking in two ways. Firstly, it represents the first biometric unique-ID system to be deployed across such a massive population. Secondly, it has the potential to empower millions of Indians by giving them the opportunity to benefit from services that have been beyond their reach in the past. This is regardless of whether they live in the cities or the remote countryside.

We are the only partner present in all the key links in the ID technology chain that holds AADHAAR together. The program is based on latest-generation biometric technologies that use both fingerprints and iris scans. Morpho has developed the central ID management database, verifying the validity of all collected biometric data, and allowing the Indian government to issue unique identification numbers – as of April 2016, more than 1 billion had been issued.

In addition, We have supported the enrollment process with biometric scanners as well as operators in the field collecting data across India. Lastly, Morpho biometric scanners allow for the ID verification of the citizens prior to access to the services.

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