Combining biometrics and digital solutions to make life safer and easier

New digital technologies are transforming our world at a rapid pace, creating new challenges as well as new opportunities. Through an ambitious Research & Development policy, Morpho aims to play a key role in developing innovative biometric technologies that will shape the future of our society. Morpho works in close partnership with governments and leading companies on those major security and identity challenges facing modern society in order to achieve a common goal: make life safer and easier for everyone.


The Albanian epassport
Securing citizen identities and rights

The introduction of digital technologies has profoundly altered our approach to data security, drastically reducing identity theft as well as introducing new identity solutions. Drawing on our expertise in  biometrics, we develop comprehensive solutions enabling governments and companies to establish and manage personal identities

Using Morpho's fingerprint, face, and iris recognition technologies, governments and service providers guarantee access to services and fight fraud by safeguarding citizen and user identities, a fundamental privilege of democratic society. Our solutions have notably contributed to the massive deployment of the Aadhaar program in India. By providing an acknowledged and secure identity tied to biometric data, all citizens can now access vital services like education and healthcare.



Biometric authenticationStrong authentication for a digital future

As people and objects become more and more connected, security and authentication have taken on a new dimension. To support the transition from a physical to a digital and mobile world, Morpho's R&D effort is focused on developing innovative digital identity solutions to enable service providers reinforce authentication processes and guarantee secure access to multiple devices and accounts. 

Our digital identity solutions, derived from physical identity solutions, represent a major technological breakthrough for every type of authentication procedure. Eliminating the security concerns tied to accessing sensitive information online, users can now store this information digitally for secure access to a full range of services and payment platforms via any authorized mobile device. We also provide an extra layer of protection through biometric authentication (fingerprint, face or iris recognition) to access the device.

Ensuring public security

Ensuring public security remains one of the most pressing challenges facing society today. In addition to physical threats targeting cities, airports, and critical infrastructures, our customers must also deal with cyber security challenges. As part of our mission to help governments improve public security, we develop innovative technologies to counter threats by controlling access to sensitive areas in physical and virtual environments.


The airport of the future by Morpho
Airport of the future

We are also working to develop the airport of the future, which means accelerating control procedures and improving passenger experience, while also enhancing security at every step inside the airport, from check-in to baggage claim. in combination with biometric ID documents, our contactless technology for capturing biometric information on the fly offers immediate and hygenic verification, to speed up passengers flows at the airport and at borders.

In addition, by developing more accurate explosives detection tools, we should eliminate the current restrictions on transporting liquids and the need to remove shoes, clothing, and PCs at security checkpoints. 





When it comes to the identity verification at borders, our primary goal is to optimize on the fly technologies, in order to minimize control procedures and make life easier for passengers, while still improving security on every level.

Philippe Lemarquand, VP Strategy

Fueling innovation through leading expertise and global research

On The Fly fingerprint matching technology integrated into MorphoWave

Representing a substantial portion of our investment budget and workforce, several world-class research centers, and hundreds of patented inventions, Research & Development is the driving force of innovation at Morpho.

Innovation: the cornerstone of our strategy
Our multidisciplinary teams offer a full range of skills to help us maintain our position as one of the market's technology leaders. We have also worked hard to build trusted relationships with our customers, so we can anticipate their future needs and support their own efforts towards innovation.

Leadership and experience

  • Morpho is the world leader in multi-biometric identification solutions (fingerprint, iris, face)
  • 40 years of experience in developing automated fingerprint identification systems
  • 629 patented inventions and over 2,280 patent titles




R&D at a glance

of our global workforce dedicated to R&D
of total 2014 revenue directed to our R&D budget
patents filed in 2014

Our technologies

To continue to supply customers with the most advanced technology and solutions tailored to meet their specific challenges, we have made Research & Development our top investment priority. Not only do we operate one of the world's largest R&D centers specialized in identification solutions, we are also the only company with expertise in every security technology.

Biometric Recognition

Advanced biometric shape recognition - With over 40 years of biometrics expertise, this technology is at the heart of Morpho’s business. Providing robust security solutions for government identity, public security and business markets, biometric identification is used to secure access to confidential information, sensitive sites and increasingly, for secure online transactions such as purchases, money transfers and similar digital applications.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition provides flexible biometric verification - Facial recognition is a powerful technology capable of serving a broad spectrum of security applications, such as with police forces and customs services, but also rapidly extending its reach to more commercial arenas. Facial recognition involves no contact and its implementation does not require any highly specialized tools, making it ideal for identifying individuals in crowds and busy public spaces.

Forgery-Proofing Documents

Protecting official ID documents against forgery - As the global leader in biometric identity technologies, Morpho has proven experience in delivering secure ID documents of every type. Through its extensive R&D efforts, it continues to innovate robust security measures designed to protect these documents against forgery. By reducing ID fraud and theft, this technology helps governments improve public services and cut administrative costs.


The mathematical security guard - Recognized worldwide for leading biometric solutions, Morpho goes to great lengths to ensure that individual biometric data and other sensitive information are kept secure. A respected cryptography expert, the company has been using cryptographic techniques since the 1950s to protect access to sensitive information. To stay ahead in a fast-moving field, Morpho undertakes continuous research to develop increasingly secure solutions.

Match On Card

Match-on-Card protects data and privacy - Morpho’s Match-on-Card solution (MOC) takes biometric security and convenience one-step further, performing the biometric data match within the tamper-proof environment of the smart card. Using Morpho algorithms, MOC is fast and accurate, balancing privacy and security, never exchanging user data with external systems.

Strong Authentication

Strong Authentication creates a strong digital economy - For the digital economy to thrive, individuals and organizations must have trust in the infrastructure that connects, stores and exchanges their personal and private information. Morpho delivers trust in the digital world by incorporating strong authentication solutions throughout its portfolio of solutions, because minimizing fraud and maximizing user confidence are essential.

Digital Signature

Secure digital signatures for the internet age - Signatures have been the principle means of document authentication for centuries, and with the arrival of the Internet era comes the need for digital document authentication. Morpho has developed a convenient and secure way to sign digital documents, avoiding printing and scanning for the end user.

Digital Archiving and Traceability

Digital archiving and traceability solutions for legally binding data - As more transactions and procedures occur online, governments, organizations, and companies need to make sure their digital documents remain intact and legally binding. Morpho, the leading developer of security and digital trust software, provides digital archiving solutions that guarantee the authenticity and traceability of documents.

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things: gaining insight from smart devices - Ordinarily, we think of humans connecting to the Internet, but the next wave of technical innovation – called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) – will see “things” connecting to the Internet and each other too. Analysts predict that by 2020, some 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, generating zettabytes of data every day. With 40 years expertise in secure elements, cryptographic security and management of large databases, Morpho is well placed to be a leading player.


Driving innovation with connected devices - Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a term used to describe technologies that enable devices to communicate with each other using wireless networks. M2M is a broad term and doesn’t specify particular wireless networking, information or communications services. However, as the technology has matured, the value that M2M delivers to businesses and which companies have the capabilities to be M2M leaders has become clearer. Morpho, with its background in Secure Elements, secure credential management and security is already a front-runner.

Big Data

Governments, business and individuals are often challenged finding the right information to support decision-making. How is it possible to take advantage of the huge volumes of data available to give them the understanding they need? ‘Big Data’ is the collection, curation and analysis of huge volumes of data in search of useful, actionable business insights. With decades of expertise building and managing databases and analysis of large datasets, Morpho is well placed to be a leading player in big data.

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