Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things: gaining insight from smart devices - Ordinarily, we think of humans connecting to the Internet, but the next wave of technical innovation – called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) – will see “things” connecting to the Internet and each other too. Analysts predict that by 2020, some 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, generating zettabytes of data every day. With 40 years expertise in secure elements, cryptographic security and management of large databases, Morpho is well placed to be a leading player.

Connected devices, countless opportunities


The term ‘Internet of Things' doesn't really tell us very much; however, if we replace ‘things' with ‘smart, connected devices', then it becomes clear that the focus is more on the device than the Internet.

Each device will generate a very small parcel of data, but there will be innumerable devices, and countless data parcels. Both governments and businesses will have to cope with that enormous volume of data and manage it from the devices,  up through the network, and all the way back to the databases. Analysis of this data promises to reveal insights that will open up new opportunities to innovate and create new applications and services based on those insights.

But access to the promised land of the IoT comes with certain difficulties…

Firstly, there are infrastructure challenges; all these smart devices need to be connected, which requires that the network support the new load. Inevitably, that means connecting to a public, private or hybrid cloud service. Next, making sense of the huge volumes of data will require some ‘Big Data' analytics, as well as investments in Big Data technology. At every stage, it is essential to ensure the security of the data and the privacy of the individuals it affects.

Safe data with secure elements

The fundamental building block of smart devices is the Secure Element - a secure, tamper-resistant, storage and execution environment holding the application along with discrete data assets such as keys and cardholder date.

Morpho has developed an enviable expertise in Secure Elements through its provision of smart cards for the finance industry and government ID, health programs and more. Morpho's portfolio includes all components involved in secure elements, lifecycle management and beyond; including the platforms and solutions used to manage secure customer registration and authentication.

To serve and protect

Morpho's leadership role is to ensure that the security and privacy of data is not undermined at any point in the delivery chain. In order to play in IoT, smart devices will have to be more service-oriented so that they can evolve and adapt over time with the service offering. However, that should never be at the expense of providing robust security or eroding individual privacy. Morpho's expertise in cryptography and biometrics will enable our partners and customers to use the advanced services and new applications made possible by IoT, confident that they have been secured at the most fundamental level.

Morpho has a long history of building and managing databases of entire populations for governments around the world, whether for national ID, health card or driver license programs. Frequently, Morpho solutions create large databases of complex biometric information and required to deliver user searches based on one or more biometric techniques. This may be fingerprint, portrait or iris, depending on the available data, to offer the best identification results. As a result, Morpho has developed expertise that includes the collection, management and analysis of huge datasets like those created by IoT.

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