Interview with Karen Bomba

Morpho recently celebrated two major milestones for the business and global aviation security:
  • The shipment of the 2,000th CTX Explosives Detection System – A CTX 9800 to London Heathrow Airport   –  becoming the first manufacturer to achieve this milestone 
  • In less than 18 months, surpassing 1,000 Itemiser 4DX trace detectors (ETD) shipped worldwide – becoming Europe's most deployed ETD system 


Eric Swalwell with Karen Bomba and Employees

The result of more than 20 years hard work becoming the trusted industry standard for explosives and narcotics detection solutions, these achievements have laid the foundation for continued growth and success for decades to come. Reflecting on these achievements and the future is Morpho Detection President and CEO Karen Bomba: 

Q: How has the industry evolved since the first systems were deployed? 

The first CTX system was certified by the U.S. Government in 1994. Itemiser ETD have been trusted by airports around the world for more than 15 years. Since this time, we have seen the rapid growth of air travel and the creation of global airport hubs as centers of international commerce. Along with this, however, has been evolving security threats that have challenged airport operations and ushered in an era of new security technologies, solutions and operations. This is driving the adoption of new regulations and best practices for the use of explosives detection solutions that can screen baggage, passengers and cargo faster and more accurately. 

Q: What is one major trend you are seeing as airports look to invest in security infrastructure? 

One of the most important things our customers look to Morpho Detection for is scalability. Put simply, every time there is a new threat, regulation or expansion, airports don't want to purchase new hardware. They want their investment to achieve the maximum system life and grow with their challenges. Both the CTX and Itemiser platforms are scalable – meaning the substances they can detect, or "threat library," can be updated with software as new threats are analyzed. This is crucial to maximizing ROI for long-term security infrastructure. The comprehensive support Morpho Detection provides throughout system life is a major reason why the CTX and Itemiser platforms have been trusted by leading global aviation hubs for decades. 

Q: What sets Morpho Detection apart from the competition? 

In addition to superior image quality and detection capabilities, Morpho Detection's field service teams provide unparalleled service quality. With growing traffic and security demands, our established global network of expert engineers and technicians keep both CTX and Itemiser systems at peak performance with minimal downtime. By being located at or near major airports and customers, we are able to offer preventative and rapid-response maintenance programs that maximize operational life. Morpho Detection's service offerings are unmatched. 

Q: What are Morpho Detection's plans to help airports meet growing security threats and explosives detection challenges? 

We are constantly investing in developing the next-generation of detection technologies for emerging threats including liquids-based and homemade explosives (HMEs). Most recently, with support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), we are developing a prototype for the next-generation of hold baggage explosives detection systems. In addition, we are currently testing a trace detector powered by Mass Spectrometry (MS) technology that has the potential to bring new levels of efficiency to the passenger, baggage and air cargo screening process. 

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