Driving innovation with connected devices - Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a term used to describe technologies that enable devices to communicate with each other using wireless networks. M2M is a broad term and doesn’t specify particular wireless networking, information or communications services. However, as the technology has matured, the value that M2M delivers to businesses and which companies have the capabilities to be M2M leaders has become clearer. Morpho, with its background in Secure Elements, secure credential management and security is already a front-runner.

Rise of the machines


Considered a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M brings business benefits across many industries, including logistics, health and automotive sectors , in applications ranging from industrial automation, smart grids and cities, to connected cars. M2M devices are often used for monitoring sensors but also for control purposes. With forecasts predicting around 50 billion devices connected by 2020, it is being hailed as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Devices that connect to mobile networks (cellular wireless services) typically use a Secure Element containing a SIM.  The SIM is a smart card that ensures the integrity and security of personal data and the secure credentials of the mobile operator. The robust security provided by SIMs has been successfully and widely adopted for mobile systems and handsets. 

In a typical M2M deployment, the modem may be in a geographically remote location, be difficult to access, or perhaps be subject to extreme vibration or temperatures. Therefore, the Secure Element may not be easily changed via physical access to the device or may be used in an environment that requires a soldered connection to the printed circuit board. This creates the need for a solution to enable remote over the air change in data on the SIM (known as  provisioning ) with the same level of security as achieved with a traditional, removable Secure Element. To deliver these benefits, a new secure element eSIM - also known as "embedded UICCs" (eUICC) - was created to remotely manage multiple mobile network operator subscriptions.

Innovation for connected devices

The thing  that makes smart devices ‘secure' is the Secure Element - a tamper-resistant storage and execution environment hosting applications as well as confidential and cryptographic data. Morpho has created a dedicated M2M product range to exactly meet the needs of this market segment. We provide M2M products in all form factors, which can handle the extreme environmental, memory management and long lifetime needs of our M2M customers. For example, customers in the automotive industry have eagerly adopted our eSIM solution as it meets industry requirements such as resistance to humidity, temperature and vibration.

Morpho has developed an enviable expertise in Secure Elements through its provision of smart cards for the finance industry and government ID, health programs and more. Our M2M portfolio includes all components involved in secure elements, Subscription Management solutions and beyond.

M2M solutions include services too

Development of eSIMs solved one problem, simultaneously offering the opportunity for innovation. Morpho and other M2M solution vendors have worked together with the GSMA to create a new Subscription Management architecture enabling Remote SIM Provisioning that will interwork with eSIM-equipped devices. This creates an opportunity for the development of new and innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) offers, enabling the delivery of local mobile subscriptions once the product is deployed in the field, as well as secure over the air management when many M2M devices are remotely located.

Bringing value to mobile operators

Morpho has developed a portfolio of solutions that bring value to mobile operators, M2M equipment providers, enabling them to deliver services to OEMs and other customers deploying M2M devices. Already commercially deployed, our SaaS Subscription Management solution provides M2M customers with a flexible subscription management solution. Its key functions help network operators move up the M2M value chain and help enterprises reduce their operating costs. Mobile operators and OEMs can use Morpho's Subscription Management solutions to optimize network connectivity, for fleet management, ensuring embedded Secure Elements are locked for use only in the target device. Morpho solutions also include services to monitor network and device performance and Quality of Service (QoS).
To be successful in M2M, solutions must be service-oriented and swiftly evolve and adapt over time with the market demands. Our solutions ensure that this is always achieved by providing robust security and respecting individual privacy.

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