Match On Card

Match-on-Card protects data and privacy - Morpho’s Match-on-Card solution (MOC) takes biometric security and convenience one-step further, performing the biometric data match within the tamper-proof environment of the smart card. Using Morpho algorithms, MOC is fast and accurate, balancing privacy and security, never exchanging user data with external systems.

Look, no PIN


The move from contact to contactless readers that read data from a smart card provides greater convenience and speed. However, data transfer across airways is not always secure. Technology exists today to surreptitiously read data from a contactless smart card without the cardholder's knowledge. To provide the highest level of security MOC protects the stored data by matching fingerprints directly on the card. Its principles are simple; as with "chip-and-pin" cards, which compare the PIN provided by the user with that on its secure cryptographic chip, the card compares the live biometric data – the fingerprint image – of the card holder with a reference template stored securely when the card was first issued. 
MOC means that the card performs the comparison of the fingerprint and the sensitive data is stored securely at all times without leaving the card. A smart card featuring MOC is the best way to guarantee a cardholder's privacy.


Solid security meets ease-of-use

  1. The cardholder places a finger on the biometric device and the device sends the data to the card.
  2. Cryptographic techniques are used to encrypt the data shared between the card and the biometric device, guaranteeing the security of the operation.
  3. A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used to create an authenticated secure session to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between the biometric device and the smart card. The device encrypts and then sends the encrypted biometric sample to the smart card. 
  4. The smart card decrypts the biometric sample it receives and matches it against the stored template. The smart card then sends a simple match/no match result to the device.


Protects any card-based transaction

With more than 40 years experience in biometric technology, Morpho has captured more than 3 billion fingerprints worldwide. Morpho is also one of the world's largest producers of smart cards. Robust and secure, MOC solutions utilize Morpho's proven biometric and smart card technology, which are at the heart of the largest and longest running successful systems worldwide. 
Morpho provides MOC-secured smartcard solutions for payments systems, national ID cards, driver licenses, health and welfare cards and more.

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