MD Longtimer Shares Stories of His Global Adventures

David DaSilva, Morpho Detection's senior manager of field operations and deployment

Conducting field operations during political coups, civil unrest, pandemics, and carrying out clandestine visits to dangerous airports may sound like the adventures of Agent 007. However for David DaSilva, Morpho Detection's senior manager of field operations and deployment, it's all just another day at the office.

"I was called by InVision (predecessor to Morpho Detection) on September 12, 2001, the day after the 9/11 attacks," he explained. Like most Americans and people around the world, those events had a profound impact on David.

"When I got the call and was offered the opportunity to join the company and be a part of aviation security, I felt a strong conviction and purpose for what we do," he said. "I knew I belonged here."

David initially started with MD installing explosive detections systems (EDS) all over the world. He handled what was referred to back then as, the Rest of the World (ROW), which included all places except North America, Europe and the Middle East.

He estimated that he has been a part of about four hundred large-unit installs worldwide, logging over 3 million miles travelled. David said he has experienced almost every kind of crazy scenario imagined.

"Many of my installs were in parts of the world where the environments are crude. The airports are what we call ‘greenfields,' meaning no real airport structure yet—no terminal—just massive mud holes," David explained. He would have to trudge through the muck to evaluate how to install one of our 10-thousand-pound CTX units.

Even with all of the exotic adventures David has experienced, he said that one of the most incredible operations he has been a part of was the massive deployment of CTX units in the U.S. following 9/11.

In 2002 our company partnered with the Transportation Safety Administration along with Boeing to install hundreds of EDS units in about a three-month period. It was the largest implementation of non-wartime security equipment.

"It was an unbelievable team effort," David said. "I still have no idea how we manufactured so many units."

Today David's role is more on the project management side of the business. He assesses all aspects of the companies of our customers as well as potential customers to ensure our products meet their needs. He also manages deployments to numerous airport sites.

"With overseas customers we have to nurture the relationships to be successful," he said. "Understanding their cultural business practices and being respectful of them is key."

After 15 years David still spends about 40 to 60 percent of his time on the road with the same passion and conviction for providing the safest aviation security in the industry.

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