Morpho signs contract with AOI Electronics to locally produce national eID cards for Egypt

Morpho (Safran), the world leader in government identity solutions, has signed a contract with AOI (Arab Organisation for Industrialisation) Electronics to produce the Egyptian national eID card.

Mr. Abdel–Mohsen Abdel–Sadek Ismail, Chairman of AOI Electronics, Mr. Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho and Mr. Walid Ghobrial, CEO of Morpho Egypt, officiated the signature ceremony, which took place during an official visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Paris.

The multi-year contract will cover the production and issuance of highly secure inlays. AOI Electronics will be responsible for local production of the inlays in Egypt, with materials, technology and support provided by Morpho. The inlays will be integrated by Civil State Organisation (CSO) factory of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

As a core component in smart ID cards, the new inlay will make the Egyptian eID card one of the most secure in the world today. In addition to embedding a smart chip allowing e-services, digital signature applications with match-on card, the Egyptian eID card inlay will incorporate other complex security features to protect against fraudulent use, including 3D technology.

This new contract succeeds two previous ID projects successfully managed by Morpho. In 2012, Morpho created an identity management system to ensure the secure issuance of ID cards. In 2014, the Egyptian State implemented widespread use of the biometric MorphoTablet™ to secure the various steps of the Egyptian constitutional referendum and presidential elections, becoming the first country to use the touchscreen tablets for electoral purposes.

Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho, said, "As a strategic market for Morpho's identity management solutions, we are extremely pleased that Egypt has once again placed its confidence in our products and services. The choice to embed state-of-the-art security elements paves the way to further collaboration on potential development of eServices for Egyptian citizens."


Based on Morpho's solid track record in Egypt over the past two years, it was a natural choice for us to jointly provide the most technologically advanced solutions available on the market today for Egypt's national ID card. The arrangement enables the Egyptian state to incorporate new technologies while maintaining sovereign management of ID documents.

Abdel–Mohsen Abdel–Sadek Ismail, Chairman of AOI Electronics

Walid Ghobrial, CEO Morpho Egypt pursued: "Morpho, together with AOI, is committed to provide the Egyptian Ministry of Interior a state-of-the-art secure solution for the new Egyptian ID card through local manufacturing and technology transfer. We are very pleased to reach this important milestone." 

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