Biometric ID documents: Sagem Sécurité’s algorithms ranked first by the NIST

Montrouge, May 2008, 7th

The latest reports issued by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), state that Sagem Sécurité's fingerprint recognition algorithms have outpaced 19 other analyzed algorithms in terms of accuracy, interoperability and speed.

Tests analyzed the performance of the biometric algorithms embedded in a chip, such as found on an ID card or a passport. The chip itself performs the comparison of the document bearer's fingerprint with the fingerprint recorded on the chip. This mechanism called Match On Card (MOC) allows keeping all fingerprint information strictly confidential.

"This new success demonstrates that it is possible to reach the highest level of confidentiality and security using a single MOC solution" declared Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Sagem Sécurité.

"Our algorithms have proved twice as accurate as those of our competitors, while also delivering outstanding interoperability" added Bernard Didier, Director, Research and Development. "In the case of a passport, interoperability is essential. It guarantees that, the bearer's ID will be easily authenticated, anywhere in the world."

Sagem Sécurité is the only company to meet the standards for use in federal programs such as the U.S. Government's PIV (Personal Identity Verification ) and TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) programs, thus confirming their assets in the field of data and personal security and their technological edge in identification solutions.

The full NIST MINEX I and II reports are available at and respectively.


Sagem Sécurité is a high-technology company in the SAFRAN Group. Among the leading European security systems companies, it is present in four main areas: biometric systems, where it is the worldwide leader in fingerprint-based biometrics; secure terminals for access control, payments and gaming; road safety equipment and smart cards.
Its products and integrated systems are used worldwide, helping to ensure transport safety, data and personal security and governmental defense capabilities at the highest level. Through the SAFRAN Group, Sagem Sécurité is present on all continents.
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