Biometric MorphoTablet successfully deployed in Egyptian Parliamentary Elections

Cairo, December 16, 2015 - Safran (Morpho), world leader in identity management solutions, contributed to the successful organization of the Egyptian parliamentary elections, whose results were officially announced on December 4, 2015.
MorphoTablets biométriques utilisées lors des élections en Egypte

For the third time in two years*, the government has deployed biometric MorphoTablets to secure the voting process.

The MorphoTablets were used to organize the different stages of the process, including registration of voters and verification of their ID cards, in order to determine the eligibility to vote. In total, 2000 MorphoTablets were deployed, together with Morpho front and back-office applications, including all training, logistics for operating the MorphoTablet inside the voting stations.


MorphoTablet is a mobile biometric solution which can be deployed for large-scale enrolment or registration purposes. It is a versatile and user-friendly touchscreen device, which captures biometric data (fingerprints and face) to verify the identities of users. Easily deployed in the field, MorphoTablet reads contact and contactless smart cards and communicates through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular networks.


The benefits of using a biometric tablet for an electoral project are multifold. Not only does use of the MorphoTablet help prevent identity fraud, but also reduces paperwork, facilitates faster operations and reduces voting times and queues for registering voters. MorphoTablet can also generate reliable statistics, including real-time voter turnout statistics.


Anne Bouverot, Chair and CEO of Morpho, said: "We are very pleased to partner again with the Egyptian government in the area of identity management. Egypt was the first country to use MorphoTablets for electoral purposes, and we are grateful for their trust in our solutions. We appreciate the enthusiasm the Egyptian government shares about the use of biometrics in general to facilitate identity management for the country."

*Morpho previously contributed to the organization of elections in Egypt, including the Constitutional referendum in January 2014, followed by the Presidential election in May of that same year.

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