FastZone – Your all-access pass to the city

Morpho’s FastZone product is a multi-application transport card that lets you take full advantage of your city’s infrastructure and services.

Besides its transport application, FastZone has public key infrastructure (PKI) functions and biometry. It supports contactless technology to ensure maximum convenience for users.

Connect with your city
Imagine having one single card that opens the door to all your favorite city services. For example, you are leaving home by bus to go into the city and check out a couple of books from the public library, and you decide to have a snack and a coffee. Morpho's FastZone card is the key to all of that. Ticketing, library card and payment are just a few examples of its many possible applications. This multi-application solution can be deployed as a city or university card with access management and payment functions.

"Paris, New York, Venice: Morpho's FastZone card can be integrated in any existing transport infrastructure," explains David Mitel, Program Manager – Transport & Loyalty at Morpho Business Solutions Division. "Our FastZone card has been specially developed for all kinds of transportation and other uses. With the support of transport integrators it has been designed to ensure seamless integration. We can guarantee good and convenient performance while also protecting the cardholder's privacy."

Morpho's FastZone card uses Calypso technology, which itself was introduced in Europe specifically by and for transport operators. Approximately 15 million transport cards based on Calypso are being used in major cities around the world. Morpho recently achieved an important milestone by being honored as the " Best Innovation 2013 " by the Calypso Network Association for its FastZone transport card.

The convenient truth
The FastZone card is the only native transport card on the market that offers strong authentication via its PKI functions. With PKI, operators can, for example, provide cardholders with strong authentication to enable them to sign documents online or access very secure areas on the Internet. The biometric feature is based on Match-on-Card (MoC) technology. It enables superior protection of the stored data by matching fingerprints directly on the card. In comparison to a PIN code it is faster and more secure because there is no PIN that can be stolen and the user does not need to memorize a whole array of numbers.

In addition to its large field of applications, Morpho's FastZone card guarantees the highest level of security while making life easier for the end customer.

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