How to face digital security challenges – an interview with Marcelo Bellini Garcia, Vice President Sales Payment Americas at Morpho

The digital security environment has never been more challenging with growing threats on one hand and tight budgets and legacy systems on the other hand.

The magazine SecuritySolutionsWatch recently conducted an interview with Marcelo Bellini Garcia, Vice President Sales Payment Americas at Morpho, where he explains how Morpho can support enterprises in this challenge: "At Morpho we believe in biometric multi-factor authentication that utilizes biometrics potentially as a substitute for or in conjunction with as a multi factor authentication rather than the usage of PINs and passwords as a unique form of authentication. We are convinced that pin/password authentication has and will continue to be a major inconvenience for the user due to the huge amount of passwords and PINs currently required. Biometrics is one of the most convenient forms of authentication. Morpho's strong and proven algorithms which we are constantly improving are becoming more precise and quicker to authenticate. When these technologies are combined the user can be given a more convenient and secure authentication method. "

The combination of biometric authentication with EMV is recommended by Morpho. In several of the recent well-publicized breaches one of the common links present in each of them was password-based authentication. Here Marcelo sees the adoption of EMV as a problem solver: "EMV technology solves most of the well-publicized breaches mentioned as it brings a significant higher level of security to payment transactions. Thanks to their strengths EMV authentications have proven in multiple countries that card-present transactions reach a high level of security, bringing also convenience to the user. As for passwords, we are a strong supporter of multi-factor authentication and we are actively promoting and providing global solutions to our partners today. In our market here, in the US, EMV migration is a reality. All major banks are migrating at a very high rate. This is the biggest EMV migration ever and it's being realized at a much faster pace than in any other regions. There are many challenges and the migration will take a few more years to finish. Morpho is working on the EMV migration of multiple customers in the US with great success. Morpho is rated number #1 biometrics provider as per NIST ( National Institute of Standards and Technology) evaluations and has already a strong track-record of important financial institutions world-wide which successfully introduced biometric identification and strong-authentication as a mean to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and secure their transactions (in-bank and out-bank, so multi-channels)."

The entire SecuritySolutionsWatch interview with Marcelo can be viewed here

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