It’s show time: SIM cards with special effects

Sometimes mobile network operators want to add something special to differentiate their SIM cards, giving them a more striking character.

Then Morpho opens up its magic box. Under the product family name "SIMply Special", an exciting variety of finishing technologies is now available.

Imagine rubbing the SIM card and a delicious sweet scent of strawberries is released! Morpho's fragrance varnish can literally create an appetite for SIM cards.

In addition, customers can choose from a huge variety of special effects: gloss spot varnish, for example, allows specific areas to be highlighted, adding shine and depth to specific elements such as a logo. Matte spot varnish provides a more subtle highlight thanks to the matte finish. If you want a shiny silver, mirror-like effect, we can use hot foil stamping to achieve it. This can be used to highlight a company logo, a tariff icon or to add a specific hologram. SIMply Special also offers a pearlescent finish: a pearl luster provides an eye-catching sparkling effect and is usually used over a comparatively large area.

With gold colored ink we can add a touch of opulent elegance to your SIM card artwork. It can be used to highlight a logo or any special information and this finish is available in a gloss or textured gold to provide an original effect. If you are looking for something different, then we can offer cards that temporarily change color when the card gets warmer – this special effect is created using thermochromic ink.

For more information about SIMply Special, please get in touch with us!

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