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With Licence2Go, your smartphone becomes your secure digital ID wallet

Digital technology has paved the way for greater mobility. Connected objects play an increasingly important role in our lives, especially smartphones, which already contain a lot of personal data.
An innovative solution for digital licences

As smartphones continue to gain importance in the lives of all citizens, service providers are seeking to enhance their use by offering high value-added services, in compliance with laws and privacy. A major player in digital identity, OT-Morpho has developed Licence2Go. This new solution transforms smartphones into secure digital ID wallets that gather all the digitized licenses of its holder.


One solution, two mobile applications

Licence2Go uses OT-Morpho's expertise in the field of biometrics, both in the digital identity and security markets. It consists of two mobile applications, the "e-wallet app," which allows secure scanning of all licenses into a single electronic wallet, and the "verification app" that allows reliable verification of data by an authorized agent.


Safe and stress-free use for a wide range of applications

Users can download the unique and secure e-wallet application, which allows them to transfer their credentials to their smartphones. Simple and transparent scanning and verification of the license facilitate access to a wide range of services. Users can remotely register several licenses with different service providers, either public-- such as a driver's license, boating license, fishing license, health card, or identity document, or private-- like a club membership, loyalty card, or company card, while keeping their personal data under control at all times.


Secure verification of permits & licenses

Thus equipped with the Licence2Go solution, users can then present via their smartphones their permits and licenses to the police or an authorized agent who, using the verification application can validate the data with a dedicated smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Depending on the service or transaction, users can choose the license or other type of card to present and the information to be shared, but in no case need to hand over their smartphones to the authorized agent. The verification application has been design to fully respect user privacy..


A renewed confidence

Licence2Go has already proven its credentials in a pilot project in Asia Pacific. Future projects will be launched in 2017 in the public and private sectors.



Licence2Go: identification documents in a smartphone


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