The majority of US public is ready for mobile driver licenses according to an OT-Morpho & Radius Global Market Research study

National Research shows license renewal and privacy protection as most appealing to consumers.
Digital driving license by OT-Morpho

A new study conducted by Radius Global Market Research and MorphoTrust USA, part of OT-Morpho, a world leader in digital security and identification technologies, shows the majority of the U.S. public is ready for the traditional plastic driver's license to go mobile. The survey polled nearly 4,000 consumers ranging in age, gender, region and income across the U.S. To qualify for the study, participants needed to own a smartphone and have a valid driver's license or state identification card. 

The qualitative and quantitative research asked questions related to the current use of a driver's license, perceptions of a mobile driver's license (mDL) available through a smartphone app, benefits of using an mDL and who would most likely be the adopters of this technology.

Overall findings:

  • 80% of respondents are interested in a mobile driver's license app

  • 70% of respondents are interested in using their mobile phone to renew their driver's license

  • 64% of Millennials express the highest concept acceptance and would recommend it to a friend



As smartphones continue to be part of our daily activities, it's a natural progression that a driver's license or state ID card evolves to meet the changing times and increasing sophistication of U.S. consumers, MorphoTrust is on the forefront of identity security and technology having launched successful pilot programs for both a mobile driver's license and an electronic identification mobile app. This market research is important for all states, law enforcement agencies and businesses that interact with the public for identity verification.

Bob Eckel, President and CEO, MorphoTrust USA


The research study follows a successful 2016 pilot program where MorphoTrust launched the first U.S. mobile driver's license program in partnership with the state of Iowa. The test group used a downloadable iOS mobile app that required identity verification before the MorphoTrust mDL was rendered on the phone. The MorphoTrust mDL app and verification process meet the highest standards for security and protection of personal information.

An executive briefing is available for government agencies that would like to discuss the findings within the research study.

OT-Morpho is a world leader in digital security & identification technologies with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, commute, travel and even vote in ways that are now possible in a connected world.

As our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles converge, OT-Morpho stands precisely at that crossroads to leverage the best in security and identity technologies and offer customized solutions to a wide range of international clients from key industries, including Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT.
With close to €3bn in revenues and more than 14,000 employees, OT-Morpho is the result of the merger between OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) completed in 31 May 2017. Temporarily designated by the name "OT-Morpho", the new company will unveil its new name in September of this year.

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