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Me and my phone - with Gary Waite, Technical Architect at GSMA

Gary Waite, Technical Architect - Remote SIM Provisioning, Connected Living Programme at GSMA
Currently I'm using an iPhone 6. It has lasted me well and does everything I need. Not sure then I need to upgrade to a 7.

In our new interview series, interesting personalities from our industry answer questions about one of the most important life companions today – the mobile phone.

What was your first mobile phone?
It was a Motorola MicroTAC International 5200 way back in 1994!

When was the last time you left the house without your phone? 
Oh, it has been years since I made THAT mistake! I learned pretty quick!

What extra new (magic) feature would you really like to see on your phone in the future?
I've always wanted my phone to be a wand, allowing me to interact with any object next to me just by pointing at it; the phone becoming the UI for those objects.

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