Moneo and Morpho: a long-standing partnership

Since 2002, Morpho has been working alongside Moneo Payment Solutions to develop its micropayment card system. Over the years, a host of extra features has been added to the card, making it French university students' trusted companion.

The latest milestone event in the productive collaboration between Moneo Payment Solutions and Morpho is the launch of the contactless "MoneoPass by Morpho" card, which replaces the former BMS 2 card, in November 2011. The new card, which features Morpho's latest electronic chip technology, can be used as a ticket for public transport, to electronically sign attendance sheets or to add an electronic signature to a document."It is, of course, compatible with existing infrastructure and has kept all the features of the earlier generation of cards," said Arnaud Jullien, Senior Vice President Payment, Morpho, e-Documents Division.

Making life easier - every day
The main purpose of the Moneo card is to pay for small everyday purchases. This "e-purse" has a twofold benefit insofar as the customer no longer has to carry a purse full of coins and the shopkeeper no longer has to pay for cash management - all thanks to an easy-to-use terminal for offline contact or contactless payments. "In 2002, we were picked to develop the security module for Moneo terminals, and the CB-EMV community bank card with built-in Moneo," recalled Arnaud Jullien. "And yet, even though there are 30 million of these CB/Moneo cards in circulation today in France, Moneo has never really caught on with the general public."

Moneo's real following is not to be found in corner shops but on university campuses across France. All except one of them have opted for this multipurpose card. "The Moneo card was very quickly extended to cover private payment and authentication solutions. It can be used for a multitude of purposes and is a real hit with students. It can be a student ID card, a cafeteria card; it can provide access to certain areas of the campus or identification for sitting exams; it can be used to pay for photocopies or in the campus laundromat or in shops that take Moneo; it can be used to borrow books from the library and much, much more. Launched in 2007, this dual-interface contact/contactless card is used by 1.7 million students!," said Arnaud Jullien.

Applications for the future
"There have always been very strong ties between Moneo's R&D teams and ours: they work in a real symbiosis. That's how we've been able to develop these increasingly innovative solutions," explained Arnaud Jullien. When Moneo was taken over, the needs changed but the two partners stayed on good terms. And in 2012, Morpho was once again chosen to be the exclusive supplier of Moneo Payment Solutions cards.

Innovation is still a key feature of the new-generation Morpho cards released since 2011. They are now equipped with the Calypso application, which is compatible with the main public transport operators in France. The new feature is still in the trial phase in Marseille and Toulouse, but is expected to attract new users. There is particularly strong interest among municipalities, especially as some of them already use Moneo for parking meter payments and offer Morpho's MoneoPass cards as "city cards".

Another new feature is strong authentication. This technology makes it possible to sign documents over the internet with a qualified electronic signature, which is as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

Lastly, MoneoPass by Morpho also contains Morpho's Match-on-Card application, which enables the card to store then check the holder's biometric information (fingerprints, iris, face, etc.) as a simple, secure means of authentication. The Moneo card continues to surprise and delight users.

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