Montana Motor Vehicle Division Successfully Deploys MorphoTrust’s New Driver License & Testing Solution

Revamped Driver License and Automated Testing System Bring Added Security & Convenience to Montana Residents
MorphoTrust Driver License & Testing Solution

MorphoTrust USA announced today that the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has successfully deployed the state's new secure driver license and identification cards, along with a new automated testing system, MorphoTrust® AutoTest.  

The new design for the Montana driver licenses and IDs was piloted from December of 2015 to January 2016, with full deployment taking place in February 2016. The licenses and IDs feature encoded elements such as barcodes and security backgrounds aimed to help reduce driver license fraud and identity theft*. 



We are pleased at the success of our recent advancements from our longstanding partner, MorphoTrust USA, the new driver license (DL) has a completely revamped look, feel, and design representative of the beauty of Montana that includes new security features to help reduce DL fraud and identity theft. The new automated testing solution is in place to reduce clerical errors, decrease fraud and provide a more convenient solution for our residents.

Sarah Garcia, Motor Vehicle Division Administrator 


AutoTest, the automated web-based knowledge testing solution, produces fully randomized knowledge tests, increasing the speed, efficiency and integrity of the entire motor vehicle division's knowledge testing workflow. This new solution was rolled out in February to residents resulting in greater convenience, faster scoring and options for multiple language capabilities.

"MorphoTrust is privileged to grow our 50+ year partnership with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division," stated Bob Eckel, President and CEO of MorphoTrust USA. "We were delighted to be able to work with the state to provide them the enhanced personalized security features and new "look and feel" for their driver license and we're also excited to bring them new automated testing solutions. With the recent AutoTest rollout and the upcoming MorphoTrust® RoadTest one, Montana residents should be pleased with the added convenience and shorter wait times they'll be seeing when they visit the Montana MVD offices."

The last piece of this phased upgrade, will be implementing of a new skills testing product. RoadTest is MorphoTrust's automated testing solution for motor vehicle agency examiners to use when they evaluate potential drivers during a road test. It's a state-of-the-art automated driver skills testing solution on a tablet (handheld personal computer), replacing paper-based processes which gives examiners a quick and easy way to score the driver during their test. It automates and integrates testing, grading and GPS tracking functions into one single package, with scores automatically calculated and provided back to the examiner for immediate feedback. RoadTest will seamlessly integrate with the existing AutoTest driver knowledge testing solution that was just installed in the Montana MVD offices.

"Overall, the positive response we have been getting from our customers about the new secure driver license and updated testing solution is overwhelming, and we are looking forward to the final piece, deploying the road skills testing solution," stated Ms. Garcia.


* To view an informational brochure about the new card, visit:  

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