Morpho Detection and Cargobox Team to Enhance Air Cargo Security

NEWARK, Calif. – March 20, 2012
Morpho Detection, Inc. (MDI), the explosives and narcotics detection business of Morpho, Safran group's security unit, today announced it has entered into a teaming agreement with Cargobox, a provider of flexible air cargo solutions, to facilitate the development of integrated technology solutions to enhance air cargo security.

The agreement will focus on Morpho Detection's industry-leading explosives detection systems and Cargobox' innovative, state-of-the-art collapsible intelligent shipping container technology, with the goal of creating comprehensive solutions that enhance safety and security for air shipment of products and goods from shipper to final destination.

"Morpho Detection welcomes the opportunity to work with Cargobox to help meet the unique security needs of the air cargo shipping industry," said Brad Buswell, president and CEO, Morpho Detection, Inc. "Our explosives detection expertise, combined with Cargobox' advanced shipping containers, will help revolutionize the way air cargo is packaged, secured and shipped."

"Secure and safe delivery of customers' shipments is our primary concern and we are pleased to partner with Morpho Detection to develop new, efficient ways to better secure the global air cargo supply chain," said Henk Hilders, managing director, Cargobox Europe B.V. "The security and logistical challenges facing the air cargo industry today require a comprehensive approach that will increase efficiency and security while reducing costs. Our work with Morpho Detection is critical to helping meet these challenges."

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has thoroughly tested MDI's explosive detection products for screening air cargo and listed them on its Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). Morpho Detection's TSA-approved air cargo solutions include the Itemiser® DX desktop trace explosives detection unit; CTX 5800™ and CTX 9800 DSi™ explosives detection systems (EDS); and a complete line of HRX X-ray scanners.

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About Morpho Detection, Inc.
Morpho Detection, Inc., part of Morpho, a business of the Safran group (PAR: SAF), is a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) detection systems for government, military, air and ground transportation, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations. Morpho Detection integrates computed tomography (CT), Raman Spectroscopy, trace (ITMS™ technology), X-ray and X-ray Diffraction technologies into solutions that can make security activities more accurate, productive and efficient. With the 2011 acquisition of Syagen Technology, Inc., the Morpho Detection portfolio now includes mass spectrometry products and technology for high-speed molecular analysis for a broad range of chemical analysis applications, ranging from homeland security to pharmaceutical analysis. With industry-leading products such as the Itemiser® DX trace detection system, the CTX line of explosive detection systems (EDS), and the StreetLab® Mobile hand-held chemical and biological substance identification unit, Morpho Detection's solutions are deployed to help protect people and property the world over.

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