Morpho leads revolution in mobile marketing

What mobile phone operator has never dreamed of sending its customers personalized promotional messages or advertisements, with a maximum response rate? That is now a reality with Bubble, the new mobile marketing solution.

Mobile operators did not get it wrong: Bubble is going to revolutionize the mobile marketing industry. The SIM&Server solution, officially launched by Morpho and its partner Simartis Telecom in November 2011, already boasts contracts with several major European mobile operators. The stakes are high. "Increasing competition has led to falling tariffs and price plans, which means lower "ARPU" average revenue per User [[Ratio between revenue generated over the past 12 months and network use (calls, SMSs, Internet, etc.)]] for mobile network operator's ", said Mohamed Hamdy, Solutions Sales Manager Applications & Solutions at Morpho. "For this reason, mobile operators are on the hunt for intelligent value-added services "VAS" solutions that set them apart and generate higher turnover".

A "bubble" on the screen
Mobile operators have two possibilities: convince their customers to sign up to promotional deals, or sell advertising space to advertisers and media agencies. Until recently, however, the market offered few satisfactory solutions. "With traditional bulk SMS advertising campaigns, you cannot target recipients based on their usage behavior and the response rate is generally quite low average 1.5%", said Mohamed Hamdy. "With Bubble, you can send personalized messages that differ and triggered depending on how people use their phones. Not only that, but the message appears on the screen as a pop up flash message (hence the name 'Bubble'), and stays there with no time-out until the user selects one of the proposed options: accept or refuse an offer, take part in a survey, etc. That is why the response rate is so high". On top of all this, the solution's SIM applet can be implemented remotely (Over The Air), removing the need for customer intervention. Quick, simple... and effective.

Think interactive
Bubble opens new business opportunities for mobile operators. As for advertisers and media agencies, they appreciate that they can interface Bubble with their ACRM [2] systems. Or, if they do not have one, they can sign up for Bubble Offer Manager, an optional platform that helps them setup and manage campaigns, verifiy customer eligibility for the offer by checking their type, status and credit, assign events correspondence and capture immediate campaigns' response from the customers.

But users do not lose out either. "They receive offers that are suited to their needs, and at the best possible time: when they have their phones in their hands. This is because some actions, such as ending a call, closing the browser, etc., act as prompts", added Mohamed Hamdy. With Bubble, mobile advertising stops being mere spam and forges an interactive bond between customers, phone operators and advertisers.

[1] Ratio between revenue generated over the past 12 months and network use (calls, SMSs, Internet, etc.)
[2] Analytical Customer Relationship Management

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