Morpho selected by ADTC to build the National NFC infrastructure in Taiwan

Morpho (Safran) today announced that, together with its local partner HwaCom Systems, it has signed a five-year contract with Alliance Digital Technology Co. (ADTC) to build a Secure Elements Issuer TSM* (SEI TSM) and a Service Provider TSM (SP TSM).

The ADTC SEI and SP TSM will manage TSM security domains for all Taiwanese mobile network operators and potential service providers while also handling the complete lifecycle of Secure Elements. With this TSM platform, ADTC will now be the national focal point between all potential service providers and MNOs accelerating Near Field Communication (NFC) services in Taiwan. MNOs and Service Providers can now rely on a national platform for NFC service delivery, service usage and service maintenance.

Morpho's TSM infrastructure conforms to global standards and interfaces. This will allow ADTC to have easy connectivity with its service providers, enabling the rapid buildup of a network of NFC services. Subscribers can look forward to new and exciting NFC services in the near future. HwaCom Systems will be the local partner for Morpho in providing system integration and maintenance support. This will enable the joint Morpho and HwaCom team to provide on-time local system support for ADTC as well as to support ADTC in building up new services to meet market demand in the future.

ADTC is a joint venture of Taiwan's five major mobile network operators (Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) and Taiwan Star Telecom) and the major contactless payment service/transit provider (ECC, EasyCard Corporation). Their objective is to offer a centralized national TSM hub for interoperable NFC services in Taiwan.

Patrick Hsu, President at Alliance Digital Technology Ltd said, "We are glad about this partnership with Morpho; its end-to-end expertise, its market-proven technologies and its business knowledge make us confident. We believe that Morpho's experience in bridging service providers from multiple and diverse industries is decisive for the success of our National NFC infrastructure project." Anthony Ong, Managing Director, Morpho Cards Singapore, said, "We are very proud to be part of ADTC's NFC National deployment in Taiwan. This is in line with our belief that widespread NFC adoption is possible with industry synergies. In our long-term partnership with ADTC we are moving further on the path to success. With Morpho's experience and knowledge in TSM services and global expertise in Security Solutions, consumers can expect to utilize mobile NFC services with ease of connectivity and availability for registration, subscription, downloading and lifecycle management of the service." Gary Chen, President at HwaCom Systems Taiwan, said, "HwaCom has been working with mobile carriers in Taiwan to implement network infrastructure and services in the past 10 years. Working with ADTC and Morpho to build the National NFC infrastructure and platform is a natural extension of our service and capability. By partnering with ADTC and Morpho, we look forward to making NFC services a success in Taiwan in the future."

*TSM = Trusted Service Management

About Alliance Digital Technology Ltd
Alliance Digital Technology Co.,(ADTC) is a joint venture of Taiwan's five mobile operators and the major contactless payments service provider, EasyCard Corp., To provide a convenient with high security standard mobile payment applications and services to the customers, the TSM platform of ADTC integrates telecommunication, transportation, financial institutes and various service providers with advance NFC mobile technologies in the ecosystem. The application and services in the TSM platform and mWallet includes, but not limited to, payments, transportations, membership, coupon, loyalty, etc. ATDC will lead the development of NFC in Taiwan to a new era.

About Hwacom Systems
HwaCom, a Taiwanese leading system integration provider of communications software and hardware, with a particular focus on Telecom Mobile and Broadband Network, ICT, ITS, and IPTV technologies, since October 1994. The company employs around 550 people across the island and generated roughly $140M US in 2013. With more than 6 branches offices in Taiwan, HwaCom provides comprehensive end to end service and support for its customers. Working with various world renowned vendors, such as Morpho, HwaCom developed integrated solutions and services for local telecom, enterprise, and government customers. HwaCom continues to strive for success in developing new technology and service.

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