Morpho at the World Lottery Summit 2014

"Morpho offers the most advanced security technologies, tailored to meet the needs of gaming professionals"

Morpho is a global leader in security solutions, for law enforcement and border control, targeting a customer base of governments, national agencies and administrations. Morpho's gaming department offers one of the most extensive offering of lottery terminals on the market. The company has 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and has deployed 240,000 gaming terminals to date. We caught up with Patrice Boché, Vice-President of Sales, Gaming at Morpho, to find out more.

What are the distinctive business trends and market dynamics you currently see in the gaming industry?
We currently see three major trends. The first is a need for smaller terminals and self-service kiosks, to help develop new additional points of sale (POS). The second is the dematerialization of paper slips, receipts and tickets, increasingly replaced by customer smartphones. The third is the convergence of online and mobile gaming with the traditional 'brick and mortar' network.
The result is that customers enjoy an improved gaming experience, relying on modern and user-friendly processes that are increasingly secure and cost-effective. They are also presented with a homogenous gaming environment integrating traditional POS with online and mobile gaming.

What are the expected benefits of the World Lottery Summit 2014 for Morpho?

The World Lottery Summit is the biggest event in the gaming industry, where lottery operators gather from all over the world every two year to discover new products and technologies and anticipate market trends.
We will present our latest innovations, share experiences and exchange with customers. This will be a unique opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from businesses operating our products and solutions on a day-to-day basis.

What will you be highlighting on the show?
We will exhibit Morpho's Elite terminal, a groundbreaking product that uses an optical scanner (a camera) instead of a traditional scrolling scanner, as well as the most advanced image capture and recognition technologies. This allows the Elite terminal to accommodate a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors for play slip design.
We will also present a brand new self-service terminal that players may operate themselves, for ticket checking purposes. The S8 terminal will also be presented, along with the new generation of ultra compact S4 terminals.

What will be the benefits of these novelties to your customers?

Morpho's Elite terminal offers retailers speed and ease of use for processing play slips, receipts or scratch tickets. Lottery marketing departments will discover new opportunities for designing innovative play slips. Lottery operators may improve their total cost of ownership. Finally, players will enjoy a new interactive experience, with the added benefit of strengthening the relationship between lotteries and customers.
Morpho's new self-service terminal offers a variety of novel features. Players will appreciate the ticket checker, account management and prize claiming options, as well as the variety of multi-purpose in-store entertainment games. Lottery organizations will appreciate the display of game instructions, draw results, sport betting odds, etc. Marketing display is also a valuable additional business driver.
Finally, the S4 terminal offers all the functionalities of a standard lottery terminal, in the most compact unit currently on the market.

Morpho is a global leader in security solutions. In what way do your customers in the gaming industry benefit from synergies with your other areas of excellence and expertise in the security business?
Looking at the gaming market's broader picture, there are many benefits that may derive from Morpho's unique in-house technologies. The company's face recognition solutions may help casinos easily identify VIPs or Persons of Interest (undesirable or self-excluded patrons). Morpho's identity management and biometric technologies may also offer improved player authentication features, as well as signature and integrity management of transactions. Morpho's recent acquisition of Dictao, the leading publisher of software solutions for security and digital trust, is an additional step in this direction.

What are Morpho's main differentiators over competition in the gaming industry?
Morpho offers one of the most extensive offering of lottery and betting terminals, covering a wide variety of needs and environments, with a proven track record of high reliability. Morpho's integrated R&D center provides very strong innovation capabilities. Our in-house manufacturing plant allows high manufacturing flexibility and optimal control over quality and price, with the ability to make long-term maintenance commitments.
Finally, Morpho has positioned itself as a supplier of terminals and services to lottery and betting operators and never places itself in a competing position with its customers.

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